University of Liberia to Boost Liberia Economy

BY:Washington Tumay

MONROVIA-The Administration  of  the University  of Liberia  through  its president Dr. Julius Sarwolo Nelson  has disclosed  that  the university  has embarked  on  the establishment  of  the Liberia  Lux Investment Corporation.

Dr. Nelson said the Liberia Lux Investment Corporation will be responsible for the mobilization of resources for   the University of Liberia.

According  to him , the investment in the business sector as a means of generating   resources  such investment will assist  in whatever  support   the administration will get  through budgetary allocation  from  the government to move  forward .

Speaking on the state Radio, Dr. Nelson said   the University of Liberia has been challenged with resources mobilization to add   to the government budgetary support to the University of Liberia.

He   said the Liberia Lux Investment has its Board of Trustee.

Dr. Nelsson was quick to disclose that   the administration and the Board of Trustee are   working to establish    full subsidiary of the Liberia Lux Investment Corporation.

The Lux President name the establishment of   water Bottling Company, Insurance Company, a filling Station and a Printing Press.

He said those four major subsidiaries will help to mobilize resources to help the administration enhance   the University budget.

According to him ,a skeleton team is making show  to work  in meeting  up  with  those things  that are needed  to be done  for  the implementation  of  that investment.

Dr.Nelson said the accomplishments of those new developments came as a results of a team work.

The LUX President whoever used the opportunity   to expressed gratitude and appreciation to the management   team at the University of Liberia, include   the cabinet, the faculty, the staff and the students .

He said  they are working as a family  at  the university  of Liberia stressing  that  it is  through  that family hood   that  is allowing  those visions to become a reality.

Dr. Nelson  further said  the University  of Liberia Administration  is  in discussion   with  the Liberian Government ,  the National legislature comprises  of  the Senate and that  of  the House Representative  to ensure   that   all of  the preparations  within 2022 budget will   kick off all of  those different subsidiaries at  the university.

He further disclosed that the University of Liberia partner a university in China has donated a large printing machine and a small machine to be used as the foundation for the university printing press.

According  to him,  the coronavirus  epidemic  has prevented him  to take a visit  to China  to take delivery  of  the donation but indicated  that hopefully  2022  he will take a visit  to  China  to take delivery  of  the donation.

Dr. Nelson  further disclosed  that  the University of Liberia will need a seed founding  of 3 million united states dollars  to achieved   those developmental programs  that included  the University  smart City  and  that of  the Liberia Lux   Investment corporation.



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