Over 500 Less fortunate Kids to Benefit Financial Aid


MONROVIIA-A campaign that targeting over five hundred (500)  less fortunate Kids is poised to be launched.

The initiative is being led by the Kuku Care Center for Democracy, Human Rights, Child Protection and Capacity Building-KC Center for short.

Speaking in an interview over the weekend in Paynesville,  the Executive Director of the institution Eddie Nimely said they as an institution see the need to reach out to those less fortunate Kids whose parents cannot afford to send them to school or those kids who dropped out of schools due to financial problem.

It is in this direction he said they are launching the ” Just a Child” campaign the 25th of  February 2022 in Paynesville.

“Our initiative wants to make a positive impact in the lives of these kinds of kids” Mr.  Nimely said.

He indicated that the targeted number of 500 kids is the initial number of students they want to reach.

“We hope to increase the number as time goes by but for now, we are only looking at 500,” the KC-Center ED said.

When he was asked about his source of income, Mr. Nimely said, “We are hoping that our partners  who have made some commitments to have this dream achieved.”

Although he said they are working with partners who he trust will make good their words,  notwithstanding,  they are also seeking for alternative sources of income.

“Ma-Kuku lived as a humanitarian”  Mr. Nimely said.

“This woman had only one child, but her home was always occupied with people from different backgrounds. They were not her biological relatives, but she showed all of them love.”

He indicated that although she is dead and gone, but as a family member he decided to keep her dream of helping the needy alive by ensuring that the institution in her memories lives on.

Giving a background of the KC Center, Mr. Nimely said the Center also is established to   provide empowerment opportunities for women and girls through vocational skills training among others.

“We also look forward to pushing young women and girls in their trained fields to help them explore and realize their full potentials,” he indicated.

Mr. Nimely used the interview to call on people of goodwill to help his institution realize the dream of helping kids who are in need.

“When you help a child to get an education, you are helping the nation to also develop because these kids are one day  going to replace us, the older generation when we shall have left this space,” the KC Center boss intoned.

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