…LNFS Deputy Boss Discloses

By: Washington Tumay Watson

Monrovia-April-17-2024-TNR:The Deputy Director for Operations at the Liberia National Fire Service, Edwin Tisdell has disclosed that the LNFS is operating with only one functional fire truck in the country.

Speaking Tuesday on Truth FM, The LNFS Deputy Director for Operations disclosed that the entity is seriously challenged with the lack of logistics.

According to him, the LNFS has only one functional fire truck that is used to address fire incidents.

He said the LNFS has two additional fire trucks that are not in good condition, stressing that due to such constraints the entity is unable to address all of the fire outbreaks effectively.

Mr. Tisdell disclosed that the Liberia National Fire Services is also faced with seriously budgetary constraints to have all the logistics to fully respond to fire incidents across Montserradoand other parts of the country.

He named the purchasing of 17 fire trucks only for MontserradoCounty with sub stations including ambulances.

The Deputy Director for Operations at the same time, alarmed over the continuous outbreaks of fire on homes across Montserrado County and its environs.

Mr. Tisdell described the fire outbreaks in Montserrado and other parts of the country as national crisis that needs urgent attention.

The LNFS Deputy boss asserted that the leadership will shortly launch a massive awareness on fire prevention across the country. He added that the preventive fire safety awareness will focus on the kind of electrical wire the citizens are to use on their homes.

He said LNFS team will also visit business that are commercializing wire to ensure that the quality emphasizing that contrary by those business institutions LNFS will confiscate those substandard wire.

Tisdell said he will use the appropriate laws to confiscate those substandard wires as a means of preventing fire outbreaks.

He furthered that under his vision as Deputy for Operations, he will partner with other nations to assist Liberia with fire equipment and other logistics including uniforms.

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