Rep. Cole Chased Out of Gbondoi

Over allegedly, criminally, chopping ‘Ghost’ Money


By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

Gbondoi Town, Bong County-    it was an unbearable and painful situation when angry Citizens of Bong County chased out Representative Josiah Marvin for allegedly chopping the Gbondoi Health Center funding in Bong County.

Rep. Josiah Marvin Cole was over the weekend, chased out of Gbondoi Town by citizens of the area, on grounds that he is not seeking their interest of them.

The Gbondoi’s Inhabitants were demanding accountability for the invisible Gbondoi clinic that has been in the National budget since 2019 up to the present.

The citizens set roadblocks on the Madam Suakoko Highway stopping cars from Monrovia from entering Gbarnga and stopping cars from Gbarnga going to Monrovia and at the same time chanting the slogan  “Marvin Cole Da Rogue! Marvin Cole Da! Marvin Cole Da Rogue! We want a Clinic! We want a Clinic! We want our Clinic!”

The mystery surrounding how funding has been allotted in the National Budget for an allegedly non-existing Gbondoi Clinic has left many wondering over who is chopping the allotted cash.

The House of Representatives passed the National Budget for the Fiscal Year 2023, and there is a budget line for what the citizens noted that it was a ghost clinic called Gbondoi which was supposed to be located in Bong County.

The amount of $25,000 United States Dollars was allocated in the National Budget for the Gbondoi Clinic in Electoral District #6, Bong County. The money was placed in the budget for the operations of the clinic.

However, Bong County Electoral District#6 Representative Moima Briggs Mensah raised concerns that the Gbondoi clinic does not exist in her District and the County at large.

The Bong County Electoral District #6 Representative Moima Briggs Mensah revealed there was no need for the clinic to be included in the National Budget.

Rep. Mensah told members of the House of Representatives that it has been established that the clinic does not exist and that the allocation was only meant for some individuals’ selfish gains.

Rep. Mensah added that the clinic in question has in the past years been captured in the National Budget with no physical structure for services to be rendered to citizens of the County.

But addressing a news conference recently Rep. Marvin Cole said the information provided by his Rep. Mensah and others was false and misleading.

He categorically rejected their claim that Gbondoi Clinic does not exist.

He said his colleagues did not do due diligence, adding that at no point in time, he has taken money from the budget that belongs to that clinic to eat.

Cole added that the clinic is in existence and his colleagues need to do more investigation.

However, Representative Josiah Marvin admitted to diverting funding intended for  Gbondio Health Center in District#:6 to Kpayah Clinic in District#:3 (His District).

Many political pundits in County have branded Rep. Cole of Electoral District#3 as a greedy politician who is self-centered and selfish on grounds that they are only interested in their personal development in the County.

The critics of Rep. Cole have promised to join the citizens of Gbondoi Town in filing a lawsuit against him.

Moreover, they have vowed to lead a campaign against the re-election of Rep. Cole on grounds that he is wicked to be a Lawmaker in Bong County.

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