Wheelchair Basket Ballers Get New Court

MONROVIA-On February 3, 2023, Chinese Ambassador accredited near Monrovia, Ren Yisheng attended the turn-over ceremony of the China-Aid Wheelchair Basketball Court to the Liberia National Wheelchair Basketball Federation.

  1. Zeogar Wilson, Minister of Youth and Sports, Mrs. Florence M. Thornes, Board Chairperson of LNWBF, Amb. S. Lionel Johnson, President and CEO of LNWBF, and Mr. Yu Zhengguo, Manager of China Jiangsu Provincial Construction Co., Ltd. attended the ceremony.

In his speech, Ambassador Ren said that Persons with disability deserve full respect, care and help from the society.

The Chinese Government has always attached great importance to the cause of persons with disability.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Chinese Government has continuously improved laws and regulations for the promotion and protection of the rights and interests of persons with disability, strengthened the leadership system, and increased investment in this regard. At present, the coverage rate of basic rehabilitation services for the disabled and the adaptation rate of auxiliary devices in China have exceeded 80%. At the same time, China has also vigorously developed sports for the disabled.

At the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games held last year, the Chinese delegation won 11 gold medals and 61 medals in total, ranking first in the medal list of the Winter Paralympic Games, which not only demonstrates the great achievements of China’s sports for the disabled but also is a strong proof of the historic achievements of China’s human rights cause.

Ambassador Ren said that in recent years, China-Liberia friendly, pragmatic and win-win cooperation in various fields has been fruitful, and humanistic exchanges have been active. The fourth Presidential and Legislative elections since the end of the Liberia civil conflict will be held in October this year. We trust that the elections will be conducted in a fair, free and transparent manner.

“We hope the elections will provide an important opportunity for Liberia to strengthen her national cohesion and unity, and speed up economic and social development. China will continue to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation between our two countries, including in the areas of the cause of persons with disability. We will also continue to support the work of LNWBF”.

“On behalf of the Liberian government, Minister Wilson expressed his gratitude to the Chinese government. He stressed that the Ministry of Youth Sports would continue to support the development of sports for the disabled, and hoped that under the leadership of LNWBF, Liberian wheelchair basketball players could participate in more international competitions and create good results in the future” he added.

Mrs. Thornes and Mr. Johnson, on behalf of all members of LNWBF, extended their heartfelt thanks to the Chinese government. They said that LNWBF has been facing difficulties such as insufficient funds and equipment for a long time, which has seriously restricted the development of the organization. Now, with the help of the Chinese government, they have obtained a new venue for athletes to train, which is a great encouragement for the development of the cause of the disabled in Liberia. LNWBF is willing to work with the Ministry of Youth Sports and international partners, wheelchair basketball as an important platform, to make more disabilities have the ability.

Later, in a cheerful and warm atmosphere, ambassador Ren, together with Minister Wilson, Mrs. Thornes, and Mr. Johnson, cut the ribbon for the basketball court and took a group photo with LNWBF members.

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