Judge Johnson Accused


By: R. Joyclyn Wea

MONROVIA-There is an alleged juror and Verdict Tampering by Her Honor Ceaineh Clinton Johnson, Presiding Judge of Criminal Court “B”, as Jurors accused her of deliberately refusing to allow them to confirm their verdict.

Her Honor Ceaineh Clinton Johnson disbanded the jurors last Friday without them confirming their verdict in open court as per the practice of law.

It is reported that four of the 15 jurors voted in favor of the defendants, but the Judge noted that the juror unanimously voted against the defendants even though she had prevented the jurors from confirming the verdict.

The alleged action of the Judge has given the defendant Counsel Bestman ground to file a motion praying for a new trial to correct the wrongs.

On March 16, 2022, an indictment of Aggravated Assault, criminal conspiracy and criminal facilitation was drawn against defendants Janet Passawee, Baindu Jallah, Famatta  Kamara and Watta Kamara predicated upon a complainant filed by one Fatu Wennie all of the Parker Paint Community in Paynesville.

This derives from a fist fight over a married man between his ex-girlfriend and his child’s mother. But, at the verge of handing down ruling into the case, Judge Johnson disbanded the jurors without them answering to their verdict.

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