JFK Fined US$1 Million


By: R. Joyclyn Wea

The John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital has lost over one million United States dollars to Karen GaydouSehkelporh, a female patient after a failed surgery that allegedly left her with abdominal gauze in her body causing her serious internal complications.

Sehkeporh filed a US$1.5 million civil lawsuit against the medical center’s management months ago after a failed abdominal hysterectomy surgery by two of its doctors, Ernest Enders and Billy Johnson, intended to remove her ovaries due to alleged ovarian cancer.

The civil law court ruled over the weekend, holding the hospital guilty with a fine of one million US dollars for harm and three hundred thousand in proximity damage (the amount spent on seeking attorneys and following up on her case).

The matter dates back to June 12, 2019, when she was admitted to JFK for surgery scheduled for the following day. Madam Karen stated that she was discharged three days after the surgery with the assurance that the procedure had gone well and that she would recover. Following her visit, Dr. Enders cleared her that everything was fine, allowing her to resume her normal activities.

Karen claimed that after being cleared, she began feeling aches in her stomach and legs, which she reported to Dr. Enders, who urged her to return to JFK in order for her to be given prescription medicines to relieve the pain, but the scenario persisted even after.

She claimed that the condition had lasted five months with no improvement because she was financially drained and that the doctors had shown no empathy.

Madam Senkelporh furthered that when she was finally discharged from the hospital,  after a few days, she went to take a shower but felt a thread hanging from her vagina and immediately went back to Fidelity Hospital to see her Doctor. After his test, he immediately realized that it was another piece of gauze hanging out of her body and she was immediately admitted for another surgery. She was scheduled for the third surgery and the JFK was immediately notified. The surgery was done and the Doctor informed her that she had developed a fistula.

However, with the assistance of her boss, she sought an additional checkup at Jahmale Health Center which encouraged her to return to JFK because they believed she had major medical difficulties that required JFK’s attention.

Because of the severity of the discomfort, she decided to go to Fidelity Health Center.

Dr. Obed Dolo admitted her there through arrangements with The Mitchell Group Inc (TMG), which guaranteed her stay at the facility due to financial restrictions.

She was isolated for three weeks due to the amount of bacteria in her system which could lead to her death and there was also a horrible odor coming from her body.

Dr. Dolo opened the previous operation site at Fedilityto determine why she had pus flowing from her tummy and the cause of her enlarged stomach.

According to her, the physicians were astounded when they discovered abdominal gauze inside her body with chunks of her tissue adhered to it, but when JFK management was informed about the occurrence they merely expressed sorrow without assisting in the rehabilitation process.

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