Four Dead, One Injured


NIMBA COUNTY- At least four family members are reportedly dead and one injured after a rice storage kitchen collapsed on farmers as the result of a violent storm on early Friday morning in Sarlay Town, District #6, Nimba County.

Sarlay Town, a locality in Tappita City is surrounded by two villages including Sarbogantuo and Yeepuepea. It covers about two hours walk.

The death toll from the catastrophic storm stands at four, a twelve men corona jury confirmed.

The four deaths comprised of two kids and their mothers, Kpewonseh Wayingbah,17 and Beauty Kruataye 19, a three month pregnant woman who instantly died thus leaving only a 23 year old lady identified as Linda Saywah and her baby alive.

The 23 year old lady survivor along with her baby were rushed to the nearby clinic in the neighboring area, Toweh Town for further treatment, as the early images and accounts were of extensive devastating incident.

Madam Linda Saywah told journalists that after going on the farm to harvest rice, they left to seek shelters in a kitchen build few years ago having observed dark cloud due to rainfall, adding that while sitting they heard a heavy sound like lightening, but claimed that the unexpected violent inseconds collapsed the kitchen.

Describing the storm as “disastrous.” she claimed that the devastating disaster only brought heavy winds and dumped the kitchen over them, but she managed to escape.

“We didn’t have time to take early leave, any of our belongings, there were several damages to our rice harvested”.

Local authorities in the community have so far instructed mass graves burial for the four bodies.

Neighbors who also spoke in tears disclosed that, the strong wind left a trail of destruction on their properties, uprooting tree crops, and deeroofing houses in the town, saying such death toll and destruction as the result of storm is the first incident to be experienced by the community.

Meanwhile, police detectives in Tappita City, Lower Nimba County have arrested and investigating a man identified as Harrison Karn, the owner of the farmland. Courtesy: womenvoices

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