House Fails again To Convene Session

By Mark N. Mengonfia-

The House of Representatives has again failed to meet in its regular session for the second time in a month.

The first time they failed to meet was when nearly all the lawmakers accompanied President George M. Weah on his county tour and the second was on this Tuesday.

According to Rule number two of that body, they are to meet in daily Session every Tuesday and Thursday beginning at 10 am to 12:00pm and from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

Additionally, in the House’s Rules, members of that body are to have two-third majority during each session to have a quorum.

Sadly, Tuesday, March 16, 2021, members of that body could not have a quorum to do the work for which they were elected.

When staff at the House of Representatives first called the roll, at that time there were only 8 (eight) lawmakers present out of 38 members.

Speaker Chambers mandated the Sargent-At-Arms of the House of Representatives, General Martin Johnson to visit each lawmaker’s office to remind them of their regular session.

Reporting to the Speaker after making his rounds, General Johnson informed the Maryland County lawmaker that some of the representatives have gone to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the signing of the book of condolence of a deceased statesman.

The roll was called for the second time and fourteen lawmakers were recorded this time.

Speaker Chambers said because they could not raise the simple majority which is 38, they should be dismissed.

“We are saying that just last week we had Decoration Day, yesterday was Joseph Jerkins Roberts birthday. People had to leave from here in my view to the leeward areas and knowing the challenges along the ways, perhaps it might have effected their being here on time” Speaker Chambers said in a walking interview with legislative reporters.

He further stated that, “Thursday is not long. It is the day after tomorrow” adding that they have lots of works on their plate which will be dealt with when they reconvene next Thursday and the upcoming days.





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