“GOV’T NEEDS TO SUPPORT YOUNG LIBERIANS through Vocational Training”

By: Mark B. Dumbar  dmark@ame.edu.lr

MONROVIA-The Founder and Board Chairman of the Versatile Vocational Training Center (VVTC), Lewis Teah Togba has disclosed that the Government of Liberia needs to support and empower young Liberians through Vocational Training.

Togba made the statement following the 3rd and 5th graduation ceremonies held at the Miracles Praise Ministries in Thinker Village Community behind Soorya Beach on September 10, 2022.

According to him, the goal and intention of Versatile Vocational Training Center (VVTC) is to empower more Liberians in working with their hands.

He mentioned that the Vision of VVTC is to empower single mothers and challenge youth some of whom today are zogos.

“We want to empower more young Liberians that find it very difficult in enrolling at various universities”, he noted.

He noted, “Even University graduates who are in pursuit of added vocational skill to their lives can take on this opportunity in preparing for a better future”.

He further narrated that tertiary education is cardinal in every individual life, but if the need is for added skill as a person, then you to take on that opportunity.

“They say the dry dog is sweet, but what will you be eating before the dog gets dry”, he noted.

He mentioned that as the National President for the Science and Teebey Institute in Liberia, I think the Government of Liberia for their level of development and initiation that they have undertaken in reclaiming the as risk youth(zogos) from the street.

He further narrated that most of those young people are struggling to get the necessary education that they desired.

According to Togba, at the same time, the Versatile Vocational Training Center has created a free tuition for this coming training circle for those young Liberians that are not able to support themselves in getting higher education.


The Versatile Vocational Training Center (VVTC) and the Lewis Togba School of Journalism and Media Service was established under the law of Liberia May 23, 2018 by a veteran Liberian Journalist and media specialist Mr. Lewis Teah Togba, Sr. as founder & Board Chairman, along with his son Mr. G. Teenecee Togba and other who has chosen a different path.


Mr. Lewis Teah Togba, Sr. and Teenecee Togba decided to step into the difficult and challenging Liberia human development capacity to provided livelihood to disadvantage youth, single mother and street kids as well as hard to enter Universities young people.


Since its establishment it has been engaged in the TVET sector providing life skills training for over120 Liberians most of whom are contributing to their survival and national development.


Togba disclosed that there is a need to organize an advanced institute for teachers in Liberia through the help of the legislators and the Ministry of Education to improve the teaching sector in Liberia.

According to him, we want more young Liberians to learn Cosmetology, Journalism, Plumbing, Tailoring, Catering, and Event Decoration


He further narrated that journalism has so many techniques that a journalist can use in getting the necessary report they need.


He stated, “That the field have many blackmailers now a day under the guide of journalist, but they are not journalist”.


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