Diaspora Network Identifies With C. H. Rennie Hospital


Donates Over 60 Bags of 25 Kg Rice

By Mark N. Mengonfia
A group of Liberians based in the United States under the banner ‘ Diaspora Network’ has placed smiles on the faces of nurses at the C. H Rennie Hospital in Kakata, Margibi County.
The C. H. Rennie Hospital hospital nurses received the total of 65 bags of 25 Kg rice.
Reading a prepared text from the Diaspora Network was Atty. Sherate F. Henries who said the group of Liberians saw the need to identify with those they referred to as ‘first responders’ on the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19 and other illnesses in rural Liberia.
Atty. Henries added in his reading that medical professionals are often challenged by the stress of the work they do.
Additionally, they said the donation may not be considered as substantial, it is a little token depicting their willingness to collaborate with healthcare providers in the fight against the killer virus.
“We have been inspired by relentless sacrifices and healthcare services rendered by the C.H Rennie Hospital in serving the people of Margibi County,” Atty. Henries said.
According to the group, they remain focus on engaging communities in Liberia as they move forward to the next stage of creating a legitimate framework for the institution.
“Our inspection to serve the motherland remains unhindered by our organization’s mission to change and impact the less fortunate through our financial gifts and talents,” he intoned.
Providing a history of the institution, he said the group is a non-profit and non-political organization established three years go to help the needy.
“The group was established under the framework of identifying with members of our community in a time of needs and fostering growth through human resource development, professional networking, education, and social-economic development in Liberia,” he added.
He indicated that the fundamental objective is to identify with individuals that are considered most vulnerable in poverty-stricken communities in Liberia.
Margaret Mulbah, head nurse of the C.H Rennie Hospital receiving the donated items said she appreciates them not only for the rice, but for the fact they were remembered by the group.
“We are very happy to receive this kind gesture,” she said.
For his part, the Administrator of C.H Rennie Hospital, T. Mulbah Saywala said “we are grateful for this timely donations. It is timely because time like these for someone to identify with you it means a lot.”
“We want to say thank you, the rice was received by us,” Mr. Saywala said.

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