“Barbaric, Grievous, Uncivilized”


-AFELL Bemoans Girl, 15, Gang Raped To Death

Attorney Vivian Neal of AFELL
The Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia (AFELL) has termed as barbaric, savage, grievous and uncivilized, the raping of a 15 year old girl by some unknown men which led to her untimely death in the new Georgia Area.
According to AFELL President, Atty Vivian Neal, such heinous crime committed against the victim is a felony of the first degree.
She said, the child was less than 18 years of age and therefore calls on investigators to treat the matter with seriousness and urgency that it deserves by doing all in their power to apprehend and bring to justice said perpetrators.
Speaking at the association’s office in Monrovia, the AFELL boss further said the prevalence of sexual and gender-based violence in Liberia despite the enchantment of the rape law in 2006 is alarming.
She added thus rape in Liberia has been elevated to the grade of a felony with life imprisonment being maximum sentence for first degree; rape is still a threat to society.
“The Association is therefore calling on the government of Liberia to take steps to enhance security in the country in order to put a halt to this madness and secure the integrity of women and children,” she said.

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