MONROVIA–It appear that the political leader of the opposition  party, People’s  Liberation Party (PLP) Dr. Danie Cassell   has not been meeting his financial obligations to the government  in terms of taxes to government on his buses, especially in the areas of paying withholding taxes  for his employees  to government .

According to  him,  his intention of brining the ten  buses into the country  is  to help ease transportation problem. But since the buses came in early  2021,  which are being use for both   commercial  and private rental services, it was believed that they  are not registered in the party’s name. According to documents in the possession of this paper from the  business department of the party, they   are registered in the  name of Mr. Tarplah  Doe. Its registered name  is “Kweyan & Associates.

The buses,  according to some drivers this paper spoke to, deductions are made  as withholding taxes on a monthly  basis  into the government’s revenue as required by law. But authorities  have failed to present any document from LRA to indicate such  payments are made.

Ten buses were brought into the country, but only eight, according  to  sources in the party are registered.

Almost all the drivers  declined to give  their exact salaries to this paper, but  they said  it hovers  around US$150.00  to US$300.00. According to  LRA,  a withholding on each person’s salary  who  takes about US$150.00, a percent of   US$11.13  is paid into government’s revenue.

“If this is true that the drivers make such amount, there is a need to effect their withholding into government’s revenue.   If the drivers are ten or more, then, they need to multiply such  by the number of persons and do payment,” one   LRA person from communication department said.

“Well, for me, I am working here but they tell me they  deduct money from my pay every month. They call it withholding tax. I have not seen a copy of it,”  one  driver who declined to be name said.

According to  records from the party’s record section, for instance, on the 08/21/201 an amount of  USD25 was paid to LRA under a  description segment as Other Motor vehicle Tax service, as tax kind. It  has receipt number of   021367 beginning  2/24/2021.  Also, from  2/23/22.

Interestingly,  many of the payments made have the same receipts number.

An amount of US$25.00 was paid on  8/21/2021, With receipt number :011357

The insider said, the vehicles are used as both commercial and rental services; which makes them entitle to payment of withholding taxes on each driver’s salary.

“In a case where you are using the buses as rental services as well, you need to make a payment  of withholding  to the government . They have told us  here that they are paying government that amount, but I found out such is not going on,” he said.

When contacted Mr. Doe for comment, his phone rang but there was no answer.  This was followed by a text message but there was no response. Investigation continues.

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