COMMENTARY: Who Bleeds Liberia Profusely: Min. Tweah et al, Or Media?

By G. Roberts, Buchanan

So true, and without second thought, that a nation gets the kind of leaders it deserves; a nation of sheep deserves a Shepard, while a nation of incompetent sycophants obviously needs a bind-folded corrupt movers and shakers as its leaders. Wherein transparency and accountability become pure poison recklessly packaged as complete taboo. The current leader of Liberia  is doing everything possible to ensure that things which his predecessors did not do are done. Even to a time that he had to seek for the reduction of his tenure; which is strange in Africa.

The writing on the wall clearly catalogued the numerous flaws inflicted on the nation and people by this self-styled Pro-Poo government since its ascendency almost four years now; additionally, this Pro-Poor administration had systematically milked this nation almost to its pale bare bone close to nothingness.

But did the media invent the unprofessional activities and conduct demonstrated by the government with the missing 16 billion Liberian Dollars; the most questionable and grotesque form and manner in which the US$25 million mop-up exercise intended to be infused in the economy championed by the Minister of  Finance and Development Planning Samuel D Tweah, was the  performance of the media; the corrupt manner in which  the COVID-19 sustainable package short landed without reaching out to the most needed targets; the indecent and dishonest action adopted to illegally use the deposited money of the international partners and demanded that the government returns their money back to their account, was a fake news reported by the media; the nomination, confirmation and commissioning of Liberia’s Ambassador to the United States of America by the President, was a false alarm sounded the loudest by the media; the startling revelation from the ruling party’s chairman, Mulbah Morlu at a called news conference  when he lashed out that the President goes abroad, negotiates for money from foreign partners, and converts same to his personal use; goes to bed with ladies before giving them jobs in government, was a lie spreads by and, a make up by the media?;

Also, the amazing story told by Bong County’s Superintendent Esther Walker about  threat, humiliation and political intimidation she suffered at the hands of the  TRIO -Tweah, McGill and Koiijee at the Jamaica Resort, was another fake news made known to the public by the media, and the  chains of massive protests nationwide intermittently for various kinds of reasons, the mysterious killing of the auditors and the serious wave of ritual killings all around the nation for unexplained purpose as the government remains tightlipped without speaking to the nation on a national level, featuring the leaked tape conversation between a fugitive Ellen Corkrum and Solicitor General, Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephus which allegedly implicated the President and others,  including the raging administrative ineptitude at Water and Sewer, National Transport Authority coupled with the unbelievable smashed passport cartel involving the former Director of Passport, Andrew Wonplo at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; along with the unwarranted corrupt saga that recently obtained at the Port of Buchanan with reported link to the National Port Authority and the grossly embarrassing lapses in the payment of civil servants’ salaries, are the creation of the media?

Shifting blames on others and using them as your scapegoats for failing to professionally, honestly and credibly with mutual respect, to conduct your statutory duties, is not the right thing to do and behave; always learn to speak the truth openly to the people, no matter how hard it may be; by then the heat will be removed from your chest upon seeking forgiveness. Know that it is the very media that have promoted you for 12 years while in opposition and continues to do so today towards your (government’s) developmental efforts, the building and repaired of roads, the fight against COVID-19, the inauguration of the current President including the recent birthday celebration of the very President, just to give a tip of many greater things that the media has obligated itself to doing as partner of the government;, apart from its fundamental and ethical responsibility, that is to inform, educate, interpret, entertain and expose the woes in society without compromise.

Moreover, Pundits are not impressed the least with Tweah’ s shifting  all the problems the government has created for itself ranging from bad governance, blanket impunity for cronies and loyalists lack of  political farsightedness to attract foreign investment, trading of unnecessary jabs at unfavorable,  presiding over imposed abject poverty and massive suffering of the citizens, who have become mere beggars in their own country, and the constant breaching of the constitution along with cover-up for buddies; are among the many disturbing situations that are bleeding Liberia profusely, and it is not the media to take the lashes for Tweah’s perceived notion of writing/publishing lies, spreading fake news and undermining the  kudos of the government.  Rather the authority must, with all due respect and courtesy, explain the hard facts of reality to the people and the world and desist from hiding behind the fragile and ruined wall of transferred aggression. Again, it is Tweah et al who must explain who, where, how when, how and why did things happen and continue to go so badly and very poorly in the governance system.





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