Weah CDC Endorsement Postponed

-Mulbah Morlu Reveals    

By Washington Tumay Watson –onewash9@gmial.com

MONROVIA-The National Chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC)  Mulbah Morlu has disclosed that President George M. Weah communicated to the Executive Committee of the CDC requesting for the postponement of the endorsement for his re-election in the upcoming general and presidential elections.

He said President Weah’s request was intended to uphold the peace and stability of the country.

Speaking over the weekend during a press conference in Congo Town, the CDC Chairman said President Weah in his communication indicated that he puts the interest of people over politics.

He said that, President Weah’s concern is for the people to celebrate the festive season in peace and joy.

“The President of our Country wrote a letter to the Executive Committee and said I’m pleading with you in the mix of economic political challenges with the opposition what they see as their plan to undermine the rule of law; he said I know the country is mobilized, I know the constituencies are prepared to nominate me, I know they are ready to lockdown ATS, Party Headquarters and turn Monrovia into a blue day and pleased I am requesting that you postponed the nomination program, “he noted.

Mulbah further indicated that President Weah requested for the new day of the nomination which will be on February 4, 2023 a date that has been agreed upon by the Executive   Committee of the Coalition for Democratic Change. 

He said due to the postponement, the CDC will host a children’s party across the electoral districts throughout the country on December 24.

Mulbah also disclosed that on New Year’s Day 2023, CDC will have hot meals for elderly people across the country.

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