Veteran Liberian Journalist Eyes Representative Slot Ahead Of 2023

By Mark S. Dahn/Nimba County Correspondent

GANTA-A veteran Liberian journalist, Jonathan Paye-layleh, has set 2023 as end of his practice in active journalism in the country.

“By 2023, I intend to stop active journalism,” he said.

This, he said won’t stop him from being a journalist, but will give him a chance to venture into the public sector.

“I will continue to be a journalist until the end of time or until my time on earth,” he disclosed.

Mr. Paye-layleh has actively practiced as a professional and successful journalist for a protracted period of time with an immeasurable mark in the sector.

As part of his achievements, he currently represents Liberia among comity of reporters working for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) based in the United Kingdom.

With his over 30 years of experience as professional media practitioner, the BBC correspondent said, it is now time he navigates his way through into the public sector to help improve the system.

The wealth of knowledge he’s accumulated over the years while in the media, he added puts him in a better position to play more advocacy role in keeping public officials feet to the fire for the betterment of the country.

“I intend to find my way into the public sector where I can be heard; where I can have an opinion on how my country is being governed,” he maintained.

He revealed that his presence in the public sector will help create a system for quality service delivery through a constructive engagement with central government.

“The shortcomings that we see as media people and we point to, to national leaders and some of these concerns are ignored, we want to ensure that they are addressed,” he pointed.

He said Liberians are enduring too much untold sufferings today because those with whom they entrusted public positions to speak for them are apparently not being listened to.

Responding to inquiry from journalist, the media guru said: “if being in the public sector means putting my hands up for this district that we stand in to run to be a representative for this place, that will also be, but I definitely will be going to the public sector.”

The BBC correspondent is a proud son of Zao Township, Lao Clan, District#8 in Nimba County whose representative is Hon. Larry P. Younquoi, that many consider one of the country’s best lawmakers.

Inspite of his acknowledgement of Hon. Younquoi’s strength in education and ability as one of the outstanding lawmakers in Liberia, Paye-layleh believes he can also make a good representation of the people of Mainpea-Mahn district at the lower house with the support of the representative that he believes will not be running for third term comes 2023.

“If going into the public sector would mean running for a seat in the house, obviously it may be for this very district,” he continued.

He furthered: “I respect Hon. Larry Younquoi; he’s an astute lawmaker, to step in his shoes is not an easy thing because this is somebody who was just elected by a district, but he is now a Liberian lawmaker”.

He says the lawmaker, whom he admires so much has gained national recognition owing to the importance he attaches to the tasks for which he was elected based on his knowledge.

According to him, if Liberia is to progress, there is a need to afford people like the district#8 lawmaker opportunity to serve the country.

Therefore, the media icon said:”it will be my pleasure to step in his shoes, since I’ve learned that he will not be running, I can step in his shoes.”

He added: “his shoes may be very big, but with his guidance, of course we can try to deliver for our people, but I have a very strong respect for Hon. Larry Younquoi.”

Commenting on some of his contributions to society, Mr. Paye-layleh referenced his involvement in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic that ravaged many lives in the country.

According to him, he was involved with the distribution of disinfectant materials and hand washing buckets throughout the district.

He currently runs a professional school of journalism of Ganta City, Nimba County.

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