SWA, Liberia WASH sector Conduct Country Monitoring indicator Workshop


By: Washington Watson –onewash9@gmail.com

The Sanitation Water for All (SWA) in collaboration with the Liberian WASH sector completed a two day monitoring indicator workshop with a call to ensure an inclusive participatory and timely process of the country monitoring indicators on WASH.

The workshop was conducted at the National WASH Commission headquarters in Monrovia last  August 30 to the 31 that and it brought together participants from Wash Civil Society organizations, the Government Ministries and Agencies with in the WASH sector including the national legislature WASH Secretary and the media among others.

Timothy Kpah, SWA Country Monitoring Champion giving an overview said the event was basically focused on two major objectives to ensure an inclusive participatory and timely process of the country monitoring indicators on WASH.

Additionally the indicator is to facilitate a process that is useful and supports constructive dialogue among SWA partners about the current situation and how to achieve the SWA objectives in the country.

“Essentially, the country monitoring level focuses on the Monitor progress toward SWA’s objectives in each country, to provide an opportunity for SWA partners in each country, to have a constructive dialogue about the situation in the country with regards to 3 SWA objectives, that include Building political will for WASH, the use of multi-stakeholder approaches and strengthening systems and increasing financial investments” Mr. Kpeh indicated.

Additionally, the Country level monitoring process has six indicators, with an objective to be discussed in a multi-stakeholder meeting.

The discussion was around, political will on WASH, that link with other sectors, progress on commitments, finance and targeting inequalities.

“A Country Monitoring Champion has been identified in in Liberia to help coordinate and facilitate the process, Countries can complete the monitoring anytime in the year, with a deadline of October 2021” he indicated.

During the opening of the workshop, the Liberian Government through the WASH Commission Chief Executive Officer highlighted the Government role in the open process in an achievable and impactful wash sector of the country with the Government commitment in working with partners.

Bobby Whitfield, CEO WASH Commission said, “We have been working with our partners.”

He added, “You made be aware that the SWA is a country partnership and we have been working with SWA.”

Additionally, he said Liberia is one of those countries that have very productive, very positive, engaging working relationship with the SWA.

The Liberian Government has enjoyed the partnership with SWA in all of its support into the development process with the wash Commission CEO highlighting the role of the SWA in providing guidance to the WASH sector.

According to him, part of the government partnership led Timothey Kpah to be nominated to SWA as Country Monitoring Champion, a nominee he said is doing great work with in the sector.




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