Several Grand Bassa Citizens To Benefit Employment Opportunities

Citizens of Electoral District # 4, Grand Bassa County stand to benefit employment opportunities upon the arrival of a logging company in that part of the county.

District # 3 B & C in Grand Bassa County acquired Community Forestry Status from the Forestry Development Authority of Liberia (FDA) since two years ago. But there was a struggle between two companies that applied to harvest the forest over which company would be given the forest to harvest.

This situation took nearly a year plus and some months for settlement over the ownership of the forest. According to the Representative of the district, the dust has settled down and work will soon begin in that part of the county.

Representative Vicent S. T. Willie said there are two companies that might harvest the B & C forest – West Water Group of Company and Renewed Forest Group Incorporated.

He furthered that activities surrounding the crafting of documents mainly the social benefits for citizens in the district have begun.

He said in the soonest possible period, the citizens will be called in a gathering where they will be informed about their benefits when the companies complete finalizing their arrangement with the Liberian government.

The Electoral District # 4 Lawmaker made the comment when asked about the statue of the District # 3 B & C forest on Thursday through a phone conversation to this station.

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