Rough Time Ahead, If…


By Patrick Stephen Tokpah 

 Gbarnga, Bong County-An eminent member of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has named Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor, Representative Josiah Marvin Cole, and Superintendent Esther Walker as the three major embarrassments or obstacles in Bong County to the re-election of President George Weah.

According to Mr. Alexander Zogbaye, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor proclaims President Weah by mouth but denounces him by deeds.

During the past government, when she was a Senator, all the health facilities that were earmarked to become health centers two of which are considered her signature projects, have been abandoned to run as mere clinics, adding these health facilities include Jorwah, Bletana, Belefanai, Palala, and Salala.

Mr. Zogbaye said Vice President Taylor influenced the former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel F. McGill to promise citizens that from Gbarnga to Botota Road was going to be grided following District#2 November 16, 2021 by-election, but yellow machines are yet to be seen on the road, noting that the citizens of Bong County count these failures of VP Taylor against the government of President Weah.

He said despite Vice President being recognized as the first female Vice President in Liberia, she is yet to convince the people of Bong County since her ascendency about their vote’s benefits as citizens of the County.

He said Madam Taylor masterminded the dismissal of several chiefs in the county on grounds that it is their government and their time.

Zogbaye who has also declared his intention to contest for the Senate in Bong County told a local radio station (Kwatekeh FM Radio) that Madam Taylor last week added insult to injury when she said Bong County is not too essential in President Weah’s Re-election.

He said Vice President Taylor has nothing to show in Bong despite the huge support she has received from the people.

Rep. Marvin Cole:

Zogbaye said, Rep. Cole has introduced a personality cult within Bong County politics and within the ruling party’s structure in the County.

“He has presented himself like Jesus Christ who said: “No man comes to the Father but through him,” adding that in the county, Rep, Cole single-handedly runs the affairs of government. As the partisans and other politicians have gone underground in the County,” Mr. Zogbaye noted.

He said the boastful comments of Rep. Cole that he commands 95℅ of the President’s listening ears continue to upset a lot of parties and sympathizers of the CDC.

He added that the lawmaker’s inability to perform or give a legislative report to his constituency is a serious issue while at the same time using his position to witch-hunt people is a major minus to President George Weah’s Re-election.

He said the county is yet to know what information he inputs into the ears of the President on behalf of the people of Bong County when streets in Gbarnga city which is in his constituency are not opened when CB Dunbar Maternity Hospital in his district had been transformed into general hospital thereby compromising the privacy and dignity of women.

Mr. Zogbaye said the people count these flamboyant attributes against the government of President Weah.

Superintendent Walker:

He said Superintendent Esther Walker has shown absolute inability in her job including by allowing major government properties to get engulfed by grasses and dirt.

Making specific emphasis on the Presidential Palace, Superintendent Residence, and Gbarnga Administration Building where her office is located amongst others, noting that over one hundred thousand United States dollars were allotted for the maintenance.

Alexander Zogbaye added that the alleged involvement of Supt. Walker in a lot of corruption allegations and her absolute disconnection from Bong County women even make matters more complicated for the President in Bong County.

He said the people of Bong County count such weak leadership against President Weah’s government.

Mr. Zogbaye is calling on President Weah to see and move beyond the party line and engage the people of Bong County through their elders, women, and youths before it gets too late.

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