Presidential Aide Pays Full Tuitions of Students in Margibi County

MONROVIA-As Liberians decried the hike in tuition fees and other basic school-related activities during this academic calendar, a son of Margibi County and Presidential Aide to President George M Weah, Sekou Kalasco Damaro, continues to live by the adage that says: “To whom much is given, much is expected:” by paying the full tuitions of several private school students in the 10th 11th and 12th Grades in Kakata, Margibi County.

Mr. Damaro, a native of Kakata City, since his ascendency to the position of Presidential Aide to the Liberian leader, has not reneged or turned his back from giving alms to his native land.

Kalasco, as he is personally known, over the years continues to provide student aid, health services, as well as sporting assistance to the people of Margibi County.

Accordingly, the Presidential aide has also ensured to reach the less fortunate by providing food and non-food items to orphanages within the county and also identifying with various religious institutions.

Recently, Kalasco provided thousands of Liberian dollars as empowerment to several young students and petit traders in Kakata who are involved in the sale of local mobile phone credits and data.

Relatedly, Damaro through a local youth grouping in the county, named and styled: “Friends of Kalasco” last week, on behalf of the Presidential Aide, presented about One Hundred and Fifty-Three Thousand Eight Hundred Liberian dollars through mobile money to several 10th, 11th and 12th Graders of St. Augustine, Dominic Hena, St. Paul Lutheran, and Lango Lipaye High Schools.

For St. Augustine, Damaro through the local youth group

provided L$74,355.00 for three students; while St. Paul Lutheran received L$45,215.00 for two persons; Dominic Hena received L$25,700.00 for two students and Lango Lipaye received L$8,500.00 for one student respectively.

Appreciating the Presidential Aide for the gesture, the head of the local youth group in Margibi, Geebah Fofana,  in an official social media post disclosed: “Firstly, let me use this medium to congratulate the entire leadership and members of the indomitable mighty “Friends of Kalasco” Margibi Chapter, for achieving a milestone and golden opportunity. First of its kind in Margibi County for a non-elected leader and humanitarian to take from his pocket and paid the full yearly tuition for several students across different private institutions in the county.”

According to him, in recent days, Damaro, the Vision bearer and Chief Executive Officer of the “Friends of Kalasco” Margibi Chapter, paid the full yearly tuition for several students in various high schools in Kakata Margibi County.

Fofana further intimated that during the past few weeks, they solicited the names of the beneficiaries and forwarded their names to Kalasco informing him about their schooling, and with no hesitation, he responded by sending L$153, 800.00 through my mobile money.

Fofana added: “So this money was intended for those student’s yearly tuition to be paid with no debt. Currently, as we speak, we are finalizing the payment of those students in their respective schools and keeping track of the receipt. All payments are done directly to the institutions and not the individual please take note of transparency and the process is done in the presence of the students involved.


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