NPA Drags For Over USD$2 Million Debt

MONROVIA-The Management of the National Port Authority (NPA) has been dragged before the commercial court for failing to meet up with its obligation to compulsory leave employees and affected workers of the port as contained in its stipulated agreement in August of last year.

On April 4, 2019, some former employees of the NPA dragged the management of the port to the commercial court over action of debt. The NPA through its management entered into a six month stipulation payment agreement with the complainants in the amount of US$92,886.51 with US$16,647.75 to be paid per month for the period of six months and same was signed by that court.

As per the bill of cost against the NPA, the total amount to be paid by the Port Management is USD$113,870.61, an amount that covered monies due the complainants US$105,879.8, court’s cost at six percent US$5,993.19 and successful Attorney fees US$1,997.73 as well as  interest cost of USD$100,870.60.

But the management of the port had allegedly failed to meet up with its obligation to the employees, something which gave rise to a bill of information by the employees; praying with the court to hold the port management in contempt of court for defaulting.

In the four counts bill of information before that honorable court, the complainants wants the honorable court to ensure the management of NPA pay the amount owed them in full since the authority has defaulted the payment in the last three months.

The informants further wants that court to cite the port management to show reasons why they should not be held in contempt to do exactly as per their own stipulation agreement and grant in their (informants) favor against NPA all cost and expenses deem and equitable.

According to them, they have on several occasion engaged the port management to see reason to settle their obligation as per the six months stipulation agreement entered into on august 18, 2020, a payment that should have started august 31, 2020, but the respondent (NPA) has refused and neglected to do same up to date.

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