Nowia Gorkoyah Larsah Foundation & Partner Donate 1.5M Worth of Material To Schools in Bong


By Patrick Stephen Tokpah

Gbansue-Solumah, Bong County- A local organization under the canopy ‘Nowai Gorkoyah Larsah Foundation and its partner have distributed 1.5 million Liberian Dollars   worth of materials to schools going kids and instructional materials to schools administrators in Zota and Panta District number four, Bong County.

The Nowai Gorkoyah Larsah foundation was conceived and subsequently proclaimed during the regular workshop service at the People’s Community Lutheran church in Baltimore, Maryland USA on June 17, 2012 as an idea to seek the interest of the people of Zota with focus on promoting education, development and advancement for the common good of the people of Bong County and Liberia at large.

The foundation is named in honor of the late Madam Nowia Gorkoyah Larsah; who was matriarch female leader in Gbansue-solumah with domineering personality and a long-standing Zoe of the Town in the District.

According to report, Madam Nowai Gorkoyah Larsah was a well-known and particularly reputed for standing up for the rights of both her Internal families and the Town’s people of Gbansue-solumah in Electoral District number four, Bong County.

In other to keep the legacy of the late Nowai Gorkoyah Larsah, one of her grandsons; James Nan-Flomo Larsah established this foundation to honor the memory, aspiration, life time struggle and outstanding role of Nowai Gorkoyah Larsah in fighting for justice, equality and social advancement for all in the County.

Speaking at a Press conference in Gbarnga, Bong County on January 3, 2022, the Executive Director of the Nowai Gorkoyah Larsah Foundation in Liberia, Florence B. Flomo said on the 27 of December 2021, their entity got in partnership with Lawrence Anniway, a pop Kpelle cultural musician who himself hailed from the District and who has a reputation of giving  Christmas gift and food and non food items to children.

The Nowai Gorkoyah Larsah Foundation Executive Director said they overwhelmingly bought the idea of Mr. Lawrence Anniway and collaborated with him (Lawrence Anniway) and purchased over one thousand United States Dollars worth of food and nonfood items, Educational supplies for both students and instructors, soap for midwives among other essential needs for five of its towns as a way of  identifying with their citizens, especially the needy in the District.

Moreover, Mis. Flomo said they were able to provide copy books, pencils and pens for school going kids the District.

She at the same time revealed that they provided instructional materials to school administrators of Zota and Panta District number four, Bong County.

According to her, their intervention was intended to alleviate some of the constraints parents and teachers are go through in the District when it comes to accusing or acquiring instructional materials for the various schools in the District.

She named  Belenfanah, Naama, Jorwah, Gbarnga-Seiyaquelleh and Garmue as benefiting Towns of the Nowai Gorkoyah Larsah Foundation and Lawrence Anniway collaboration in the County.

The Nowai Gorkoyah Larsah Foundation  Executive Director or Country Representative further said their organization is committed to aiding the people in the area of education, development and advancement for all, noting that they further look forward to more engagements that will benefit the people of Bong County Electoral District four.

Madam Flomo, at the same time revealed that as part of the celebration of the festival season with the citizens in Zota, particularly the Youths, the Nowai Gorkoyah Larsah Foundation dream bearer James Nan-Flomo Larsah designed a sporting events called “Christmas Sports Jamboree” that was hosted in the champion District of Bong County, Zota.

According to Madam Flomo, the foundation provided a set jerseys, transportation and feeling for the four participating Towns to support the success of the celebration.

The football tournament was held among four of its Towns in Boisville Township in the County.

Additionally, she said the two days sporting events started on the 24th and climaxed on the 25 of December 2021 with cash awards given to all participating Towns which include Gbalatuah, Gweyea-Kalawayaquelleh and Gbansue-solumah.

The tournament was held under the theme: “Peace and Unity Among All Sports Lovers”

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