ANC leader sets free on Bail

MONROVIA-The political leader of the Alternative National  Congress-ANC was late Tuesday set free  after a valid appearance  bond  was filed by his lawyers.

Heavily  guarded at the Temple of Justice ground on Tuesday to respond to charges of forgery and criminal conspiracy,  levied against him by the All Liberian People  Party(ALP) Mr. Cummings was set free by  Monrovia City  court judge Joma Jallah.

A writ  of Forgery and Criminal conspiracy was filed against him on Monday by ALP, headed by Mr. Benoni  W. Urey, a former confidant of jailed president, Charles Taylor  for what they termed as  changing the framework  documents which bind four political parties together.

Mr. Cummings’s ANC is part of the  collaborating Political parties( CPP), a collaboration of four political parties; Liberty Party(LP), Unity Party(UP) All Liberian Peoples Party(ALP) and Alternative National Congress(ANC). The  writ  was issued by  Judge Joma Jallah said:

“You are hereby commanded to arrest the living bodies of Alexander B. Cummings and others to be identified, defendants and forthwith bring them before the Monrovia City Magisterial Court Temple of Justice to answer to the crime of Forgery and Criminal Conspiracy based upon the oath and complaint of the Republic of Liberia by and thru All Liberian Party by and thru its National Chairman, Theodore Momo, plaintiff in which it is substantially alleged as follows wit”.

But in recent times, there has been accusations and counter accusations that Mr. Cummings  altered  the  framework documents which unites all the parties. Mr. Cummings has  denied all allegations. He said, if he  altered any document, it would stand to benefit  his party-but there is no benefit from anywhere.

“When  you altered or cheat, you stand to benefit, but what is there that  the ANC stands to benefit”? he told a local radio talk show  last year.

When the chairman of Liberty Party(LP), Musa Bility was asked on Monday following the writ, he escribed it as “total nonsense.”

Mr. Cummings told open court that he has no knowledge of the allegation levied against him. Based  upon this, and looking at the validity  of his bond, he was set free to appear in court once he was needed.

Mr. Cummings after his release  thanked his supporters for standing by him. It is not known when he will  reappear in court to carry out hearing.





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