“Make Comprehensive Report on Funds collected”

-Liberian Senate Demands Road Fund Authorities

MONROVIA-The Liberian Senate is demanding from the authorities of the Road Fund Office to make full Comprehensive report on money collected over the last three years.

The decision to make such demand comes as the result of delays of road construction in parts of Liberia to include Lofa and other counties.

The money collected by the authorities of the Road Fund Office to present for the past three years is  intended for the maintenance of roads across the country, but the Liberian Senate thinks that the maintenance has not been carried as per the law thus causing the Liberian Senate to request of them a full report of said money.

Plenary’s  decision  triggered a motion from Grand Cape Mount County Senator Varney Sherman following the appearance of Acting Public Works Minister ,Ruth Cooker-Collins.

Senator Sherman, through his motion intimated that the report which is to be presented by the National Road Fund Office will ascertain whether or not, there are funds available to implement the construction of roads along the Lofa County corridors.

Road works in the Lofa corridor has gone slow over a period of time, this lead to a communication which revoked the appearance of the Acting Public Works Minister, Ruth Cooker-Collins.

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