By: R. Joycelyn Wea

Monrovia-Feb-5-TNR: Her Honor, Sie-A-Nyene G. Yuoh, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia has sent a caveat to lawyers and judges of Circuits Courts and Subordinate Courts of records to demonstrate efficiency in the discharge of their duty.

According to Justice Yuoh, the time of warming is over, and the Supreme Court will not hesitate to institute measures to curb and eradicate all forms of dilatory tactics of lawyers in all instances.

“It is now time to act. “In consultation with my esteemed colleagues, I am pleased to announce that the Supreme Court has constituted a Review Committee on the Revised Rule of Courts, the Code of Moral and Professional Ethics of lawyers and judicial canons as well as our procedural codes, with the end purpose of identifying challenges and shortcomings if any,” she said.

Justice Yuoh further cautioned judicial actors to wear the garment of being non-corruptible in dispensing justice without fear or favor.

The latest caveat from the head of the judiciary is a result of the President’s branding of the justice system which he said is marred by corruption, inefficiency, and the lack of public trust.

But speaking Thursday, February 1, 2024, during the 10th Convention of the National Association of Trial Judges of Liberia, Chief Justice Yuoh said the statements by the President serve as a challenge to them as judicial actors.

Chief Justice Yuoh maintained that the court expects full adherence to the principle of the law which states that, “Every court entering a decree maintains jurisdiction until its judgment is fully satisfied.”

However, she resonated her unwavering stance on the administration of justice in the interest of peace, harmony, stability, and economic viability of the country and therefore called on all courts of records deciding ejectment cases to assert their very best in utilizing the technical expertise of Liberia Land Authority or other licensed land surveyors and in consonance with applicable laws.

She continues that the Supreme Court has observed that it has defiantly become the new normal for a segment of the public enticed by misguided courage, obstructing the enforcement of court judgment either the judgment is adverse to their interest or based on their claim that they were not party to the cause out of which the judgment grew.

The 10th National Trial Judges Conference is being celebrated under the theme, The Judiciary and Democracy: Safeguarding Democratic Values in the Legal System, especially during and after elections, and the conference ran for three days from 1st February to 3rd February respectively.

Serving as Guest Speaker, the Senior Partner of the Heritage Partner and Associate, Cllr. Negbalee Warner said the judge’s role during and after elections is maintaining a high level of moral conduct and integrity and demanding the same from administrative staff.

Warner also said that the role of judges is to safeguard democracy and the implementation of the rule of law and as such, those comprising the National Association of Trial Judges need not do anything else other than what they opt to do in safeguarding the democracy.

According to him, to safeguard confidence in the judiciary, Liberian judges need to be efficient in the deposition of cases through personal attention, diligence efforts, and time of the judge, clerk, and other ministerial staff’s party litigant and their counselors.

He added that lawyers and parties litigant themselves are contributing factors to the delay of cases on the docket of the court, noting that the issue of tips is not acceptable under the law.

“We desire an efficient and effective judiciary, not only clean in need but in conduct, we must do away with the saying that the court is the time or the judge’s time is the time of the court as these processes need to be improved as we seek improvement, he said.

Counselor Warner said for the public to have confidence in the judiciary, the courts need to be respectful of the rule of law.

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