Liberia News: MOE Concludes Comprehensive Assessment Tour

Monrovia-March-21-TNR:In a significant milestone towards advancing educational standards nationwide, the Ministry of Education, under the astute leadership of Dr. Jarso Maley Jallah, has successfully concluded a comprehensive assessment tour at Zwedru Multilateral High School, Tubman. Wilson Institute, Zwedru Kindergarten (ECE), Putu Central High School amongst others. 

This initiative underscores the Ministry’s unwavering commitment to enhancing educational quality across Liberia.

Led by Dr. Jallah, a team of proficient professionals from the Ministry’s Inspectorate conducted a thorough evaluation of Zwedru Multilateral High School’s educational provisions, infrastructure, and academic environment. 

Throughout the assessment tour, the team meticulously examined various aspects of the institution, including curriculum delivery, student engagement initiatives, and facility maintenance protocols, across Grand Gedeh County.

Dr. Jallah commended the dedication and commitment demonstrated by the faculty and staff of Zwedru Multilateral High School, acknowledging their tireless efforts in fostering academic excellence and nurturing young minds.

The assessment tour served as a platform for constructive dialogue and collaborative engagement between Ministry representatives and school administrators, facilitating an exchange of ideas and best practices aimed at further enhancing educational standards within Zwedru Multilateral High School and beyond.

Zwedru Multilateral High School was lauded for its commendable initiatives. From embracing interactive learning methodologies to implementing robust extracurricular programs, the school has adopted a holistic approach to education, ensuring the comprehensive development of its student body.

Despite encountering challenges, the Ministry of Education commends Zwedru Multilateral High School for its resilience and determination to maintain a conducive learning environment. 

The leadership and faculty’s unwavering commitment serve as an inspiration to educational institutions nationwide.

As the assessment tour concludes, the Ministry reaffirms its unwavering support for Zwedru Multilateral High School in Grand Gedeh County under Minister Jallah’s visionary leadership.

The Ministry of Education remains steadfast in its mission to promote equitable access to quality education for all citizens. Through strategic initiatives and collaborative partnerships, it aims to create conducive learning environments that empower students to realize their full potential.



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