Liberia News: Assigning EPS Officers Not Mandatory


By: Perry B. Zordyu 

Monrovia-March-21-TNR:Information Minister, Jerolinmek Matthew Piah has clarified that it is not mandatory for officers of the Executive Protection Service (EPS) to be assigned to former heads of state.

Minister Piah said the assignment of EPS officers to ex-presidents or individuals is at the discretion of the President of Liberia.

The Information Ministry boss maintained that government assigned 15 EPS officers to former President Weah but rejected eight of the officers claiming that he does not know them.

Former President George Weah has earlier requested 38 Executive Protection Service officers to be assigned to him. 

But quoting the Director of EPS, Liberia’s Information Minister indicated that the EPS boss has since confirmed not assigning the 38 officers to former President Weah.

“In 2017, the head of the Executive Protection Service (EPS) recommended to President Sirelaf when the Transitional Act was being worked on to include in that act as to how our former leaders are protected. The Transitional Act did not go through. Notwithstanding, it is common sense that we do something to protect our former leaders,” Minister Piah added.

He stressed that there is no law compelling the government to protect former Presidents since the Presidential Transitional Act was not passed and enacted to specify protection of former presidents.

He however, called on former President Weah to adhere and work in conformity with government protocol.



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