--- Aspirant Called On Voters

By:  Perry B. Zordyu

Email: zordyuperryb@gmail.com

MONROVIA-As the 2023’s Presidential and Legislative Elections draw near, several individuals have been breeding interests to contest for several posts. It is no secret that the Montserrado District #2 seat is open for contestation.

Two such individuals who have conceived the ambitions to contest in the District is Edwin Tesdell and the current Lawmaker Jimmy Smith, District number two.

During a petition program organized by the Johnsonville Youths fit Social, Educational & Empowerment, the group endorsed the representative bid of Edwin Tisdell.

The group noted that Tisdell possesses the unique qualities of a leader. But accepting the petition, Edwin Tusdell said that the time is now for the people of the District to be liberated.

“You need to root them out, and they are of no benefit to you the common people”. Aspirant Tisdell added.

District #2 is one of the biggest Districts in Montserrado and politics is hardly controversial and difficult to understand when especially you are not a permanent son and daughter of that district.

The Montserrado District #2 representative aspirant maintained that the Lower House as it is called not for jokers but rather responsible people who should have the functionary ability for uplifting and upgrading the status of its constituent’s residents.

Let me borrow the words of the president, don’t mind them, be smart. Won’t them out and ensure they are not re-election but can only happen at the ballot box come October 10, 2023.

He then cautioned citizens in the district to take the heel of the voter registration exercise which is the first priority of utilizing your voice to be heard.

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