House Speaker Appoints New Committees Members

House Speaker Appoints New Committees Members

By Mark N. Mengonfia

MONROVIA-Liberian Speaker of the House of  Representatives has appointed new members to serve on various committees for the remaining of three years they have as lawmaker of the 54th Legislature.

The appointment of those committees Chairs and co-chairs are in keeping with rules seven

of that body.

Rule 7.4 states that the Speaker shall “appoint the Chairpersons and Co-chairpersons of Statutory Committees.”

Rules 7.5 gives the Speaker the right to appoint members of Statutory Committees in consultation with the House’s Leadership while 7.6 gives him the  power to appoint Chairpersons, Co-chairpersons and Members of Standing Committees also in consultation with the House’s Leadership.

It is in this light that Speaker Chambers on Tuesday, February 2nd appointed Representatives Crayton Duncan- Sinoe electoral district one  and Ivarn Jones-Margibi district two  and co-chair to respectively Chair and Co-chair on the  Foreign Affairs committee.

Ways Means and Finance-Thomas Fallah of Montserrado district five and Matthew Zarzar Sinoe-distric three chair and co-chair

Gender and Equity, Children Protection, Rosanna GD Shacck of River Cess is the only person named on this committee.

The Health committee is chaired by Nimba County district three  Representative, Joseph Somwarbi.

He maintain his position and he is this time co-chair by Julie Wiah of Lofa County district two.

Lands, Mines and Energy is now being  chaired by Vicent Willie who is assisted by  Alexander Poure while Hydro Carbon chair Abu Kamara maintain his position and his Cochaired by Montserrado district four Rep. Rustonlyn Dennis.


The Speaker gave out the Judiciary Committee which was once chaired by current Deputy Speaker, J. Fonati Koffa to a well trained Lawyer, Kanie Wesso of to Gbarpolu County district two and his Co-chair is Bryan Howard who is also a lawyer.

Education Committee chairperson maintains  his chair, Johnson Gwaikolo who before his

election to the Liberian legislature  served as President of the United Methodist University (UMU).

George Bolay is the co-chairperson on the committee on Education. He was once Minister of education during the regime of killed Liberian President, Samuel K. Doe.

Transport committee is now being chaired by  Emerson Kamara and Robert Womba while Nimba  District five Representative, Samuel G. Kogar and Abraham Conneh are respectively chair and co-chair on the Commerce  Committee.

The committee on Claims and Petition has been turned over to Representatives Gonpue Kargon and CBCD Barshell. Banking and Currency chair and Co-Chairpersons are Dixon Seboe and Hanson Kiazolu both of Montserrado County.

As part of the appointment, the Speaker also appointed Prince Tokpah and Francis Young to chair and co chair the committee on Agriculture and he also well-appointed Alex Grant and Ellen A. Wreh to chair the committee on State Own Enterprises.

Speaker Chambers before this latest appointment of Committees, he named Representatives Acarous Moses Gray of Montserrado County district eight lawmaker and Mary Karwor of Grand Bassa County lawmaker as  chair and Co chair on House’s  Committee on Executive, a position that was chaired by late Montserrado district nine lawmaker, Numah P. Youngblood.

Speaker Chambers has not named anyone on the committee on Rules and Orders.

The Committee on Rules and Orders is being chaired by Lofa County district

four representative, Mariamu Fofana and her co chair is J. Marvin Cole of Bong district three.






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