Filipino, 40yrs goes to court for Attempted Sodomy


GANTA –   Michael Laraya, a 40 year-old Filipino or Pilipino (from the Philippines)   man has been charged and forwarded to the Ganta Magisterial court for ‘criminal attempt to commit rape and sodomy.

The disclosure was made by the Administrative Officer of the Ganta Police detail, Sargent Delling S. Fallah on Tuesday, February 2, 2021 at her office.

In an interview with reporter, Stg. Fallah explained that Laraya was apprehended for attempting to have a sexual intercourse with a 22-year-old motorcyclist, Spensor Zuu on Monday 1 February.

He has since been charged with Sodomy and sent to court. According to Merriam Webster dictionary,  Sodomy is anal or oral copulation with a member of the same or opposite sex also copulation with an animal.

According to the Cyclist, he was compelled by the man to make love to him in room-14 of the Angel Hill Top Guest house on  Guinea Road Community, Ganta.

Explaining his ordeal to the press, Zuu said he encountered the Philipno man at a local bike watch before the guest house towards the Guinea border.

He narrated: “I went to wash my bike to Guinea Road junction. I was sitting down under certain booth there because the sun was too hot. When the man was washing my bike, one white man ooo, he just came and sat down side me and said the sun too hot then he sat down side me and asked my name.  Then I called my name; from there he told  me say you can report from the  bike?  Then I say yes. Then he asked how much thousand you can report? I said $1,000 LD a day.”


After befriending him, Zuu  said he was invited by  the Philipno at his guest house room#14 for a better discussion.

“So when he took my number, he said I should  carry him to Angel Hill Top Guest house. But  I said let them finish washing my bike then we can go. Then  he agreed.” Zuu explained.

He said after taking him to the guest house, Laraya requested him to go and buy for him food, a request he didn’t honor at the moment on ground that he was carrying his (Spensor) older brother’s phone back home.

Upon return, he got a telephone call from Laraya asking him to hurry up and meet with him.

“When I got there, he was inside and I told the big sis that was to the gate, I came to one white man inside there. Then one oldma too was there said,  I shouldn’t enter. I said no the man ls my friend he say I should come go buy him something”. He averred.


Immediately while in conversation with the ladies, the alleged perpetrator phoned the Cyclist ordering him to enter.

He furthered: “when we entered, he took me straight to room-14 and asked me to go take bath then I said no I get water to my house. So when we were talking, then he put rude  show on. I say oh! How the brabe will call me to go buy something for him then he put  rude show on? And he  asking me to take off my sweater.

He disclosed that Laraya decided to convince him with $20USD to sodomize him.

Being amazed by the man’s attitude, he decided to find his way out but it wasn’t easy because the door was already shout,  adding: “so while trying to get out, he hold me on my waist and I pushed him and managed to get outside even though, the man did not succeed, according to him.

Not giving up, the man decided to follow him outside and unfortunately, he was arrested by police.

It is not clear whether he admitted committing the act.

But according to the police charge sheet, a copy of which this paper has, Laraya said he is a bisexual person  and usually has sex with both male and female.

According to the police, his mission in Liberia has not been disclosed to them.

“That I have not gone through. That I don’t know his business in Liberia here,” Stg. Fallah explained.




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