Farmers Appreciate Western Cluster


TUBMANBURG-Several farmers in Bomi County, especially those with farms near the operation areas of Western Cluster have appreciated the company for providing crops compensation to them.

The distribution was done last week by the country manager, Mr. Chetan Savant.

The company made over US$15,000(Fifteen thousand United States do over fifteen farmers. Informing journalists on Tuesday this week, the External Relations Affairs Manager, Mr. Samuel Brown said they made payments to those who have crops near the mines.

One of the beneficiaries  Musu Kollie said she was grateful to the company for embarking on such an initiative.

“I want to tell Western Cluster to thank you. I want to say a big thank you for giving us money to go and replant our crops,” she said.

Mr. Brown,  said, “Farmers Who have crops near the mines, were called for compensation. We called them so that we can compensate them.  We spent over US$15,000(fifteen thousand United States dollars). We have fifteen farmers on the list,”

Another beneficiary, Mr. Moses Kollie, said he did not expect much money. According to him, he received US$2,000(Two thousand dollars). I thank God. They paid for our crops.” He had cassava, pawpaw, and plantain among others.

Western Cluster Limited said since 2011, it has invested approximately US$300 million in the country, including payment for the concession rights; US$15.5 million payment to the Community Development Fund; construction of two major bridges – the Klay Junction Bridge and the Gui Town Bridge; upgrading and maintaining the Tubmanburg to St. Paul River Bridge Road; and several other communities and infrastructure development initiatives.

Currently, the company is rehabilitating the road from Klay Junction to Tubmanburg. This followed the earlier rehabilitation of Klay junction road to Duala, Monrovia recently.

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