“Education Most Effective Enabling Enterprise” -Pres. Weah Tell UMU Graduates


President George Weah has informed graduates of United Methodist University (UMU) that he is a lover of education.

Pres. Weah on Tuesday August 30 , 2022   addressing  the  18th    Commencement Convocation of the United Methodist University described education  as the most effective enabling enterprise that can enhance the total value, and maximize the full potential, of our greatest and most important natural resource: our human capital.

“I love education.  Let me repeat: I love education.  I believe in education as the most effective enabling enterprise that can enhance the total value, and maximize the full potential, of our greatest and most important natural resource: our human capital.

That is why for so many years, I have lent financial and moral support to many thousands of students, through personal scholarships and grants, to enable them to further their education at all levels” he noted.

The Liberian leader indicated that since he became President, he also encouraged members of   his   family who have not yet done schooling, to seek to better themselves by returning to school and completing their studies.

“As a matter of fact, I have discouraged any of them from coming around me, if they were not enrolled in a school program that will lead to some sort of diploma, degree, or qualification.  Many of them thought that I was joking, but they soon found out how serious I am about this, As a result of this, we have a personal success story here today.  My younger sister, Wanita Weah, is a member of the graduating class today’’, President Weah said.

President Weah informed the gathering that four years ago, when Wanita’s mother passed away, she was very devastated, and did not want to go back to school, he encouraged her to go back to school as a big brother, indicating that he told her when she finished, she would get all the support from him that she would need to get a good start in life.

“She took up the challenge, and enrolled at your University.  I am so glad that she accepted my encouragement.  Today, she is graduating with honours” Wanita, please stand and be recognized and appreciated for keeping your side of the bargain and making us in the family so very proud of you.  Now, I know that I am in big trouble, because you are going to come to me for all the support that I promise.    Wanita, like all her fellow graduates, is now equipped to stand on her own two feet and face the world to take maximum advantage of the opportunities that will come her way.  She has always been an enterprising businesswoman.  Now, with the skills that she has acquired, she will be an even better and more successful entrepreneur”, he Said.

Dir. Weah extolled the Board of Directors and the President and leadership of this University for the bold and progressive step that they are taking to relocate the campus of the university to its new location in Doemah Town, Margibi County.

According to him, although it is still a work in progress, he was very impressed by the efforts made so far and he encourages the administration to continue to work with determination and persistence, until their goals are realized.


“ I am informed that your current enrolment is almost 5,000  students, of which 64% are female and 36% are male.  I am also informed that this year’s graduating class consists of 1,335 students, of which the females dominate with 61% and the males are in the minority with 39% , and as Liberia’s Feminist-in-Chief, I am very happy to hear this.  And I am also glad to learn, Dr. Gonway-Gono, that although you are the 6th  President of the University, you are the first Female President since it was founded in 1998, twenty-four years ago”, he  indicated.

President Weah said the  effort by UMU Administration  also buttresses the work of the Government in the education sector, as  they  try to make quality education available to all of  the  young people throughout Liberia, stressing   that  all  of this is in conformity with the objectives of the Educational Pillar of  the  National Development Plan, The Pro-Poor Agenda For Prosperity And Development (PADP).

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