Cllr. Gongloe differs with Madam Gbowee……


MONROVIA-The recently elected standard bearer of the Liberian People Party (LPP), Cllr. Taiwan Saye Gongloe has differed with the plea for a United opposition from the noble Laureate Madam Leymah Gbowee. He claims her statement came as a result of fear of Liberian voting for President Weah in 2023. Something he terms as a “national suicide”.

Speaking on a local radio talk show, Cllr. Gongloe stated that while it is good to come together as a united opposition, he thinks that it is not the only option to defeat the incumbent because he believes with a free, fair and democratic election, President George Weah will be defeated at the first round of elections and two opposition parties will emerge to the runoff regardless of the opposition Unity.

Additionally, he said he has not been contacted to be a running mate to any of the candidates but cannot rule out future talks with other Presidential candidates and their parties. He highlighted that he will rather a collaboration that will agree on the best for Liberia and not a collaboration that will be based on sharing government ministries.

“Sometimes coming together can be oil and water mixed so let’s be careful,” he said.

In his words, President George Weah’s government has failed in growing the economy of Liberia and believes that corruption is the cause of Liberia’s underdevelopment.

He added that the reason for his defeat in the two elections has not changed and said the people are getting poorer by the day. Cllr. Gongloe mentioned that the election will not be about the Love Liberians had for president Weah but will be about his first term performance, the messengers, and their messages.

“ Liberians don’t want to see George Weah again, he’s not the same popular George Weah anymore. Under President George Weah, Liberia is in the ICU and any attempt to vote him into power will mean committing a National suicide”. He claimed.

Addressing President George Weah as a “functionally illiterate “, Cllr. Gongloe calls Liberians out for voting for president Weah in 2017, claiming he never had the experience to lead the country which is why Liberia is where it is today. He warned citizens not to make a similar mistake as they did in the 2017 elections by voting him back to power in 2023.

According to him, Liberia is blessed but lacks leadership. This is why he wants to lead the country and serve as “ project manager” through the presidency” but clearly stated that he’s not a job seeker nor in a journey to gain popularity.

Voicing out is confidence about the election, Cllr. Gongloe said that he’s well known in Nimba and the people are excited that he has chosen to join the presidential race but said he should not be restricted to only his county because he’s a poor man lawyer that has received the support of citizens all over the country.

He assured Liberians that when elected, his government will be a place of service and not to steal because officials caught in the act of corruption will immediately be dismissed and prosecuted.

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