APM TERMINALS LIBERIA AND NATIONAL PORT AUTHORITY MEET WITH A HIGH-POWER DELEGATION FROM THE LIBERIAN CONSULATE IN GEORGIA AND THE CITY OF HOUSTON, TEXAS USA To Discuss Developmental And Investment Opportunities Between The Houston International Trade and Development Council (HITDC) And The Port Of Monrovia

A visiting Delegation from the Liberian Consulate in Atlanta, Georgia and Houston, Texas, USA respectively, has met with the Managements of APM Terminals Liberia and the National Port Authority-NPA to discuss business investment opportunities between the membership of the Houston International Trade Development Council (HITDC) and the Port of Monrovia.
The delegation included: Honorable Cynthia L. Blandford, Honorary Consul Republic of Liberia – Georgia and President of AfriTrade Global, The Advanced Team delegation consists of the Team Lead Mr. Val Thompson, President & CEO, Houston International Trade Development Council, Inc., and Publisher & CEO International
Focus (IF) Magazine, Judge Bill C. Littlejohn (Retired), Co-Founder, Sustainable Agricultural Initiative for Liberia (SAIL), and Denise Adjei, Corporate Etiquette & International Protocol Consultant. Mr. Thompson also revealed that the Mayor of Houston, Texas, Honorable Sylvester Turner hopes to join the delegation in February 2022, during Black History Month and to celebrate Liberia’s Bicentennial, along with members of the Congressional Black Caucus, businessmen and women and other key stakeholders.


Speaking on behalf of the delegation, Hon. Cynthia Blandford said “We are happy to be here to further discussions regarding the Sister City Agreement between Monrovia and Houston, which includes a previously signed Memorandum of Understanding between the NPA and the Houston Port Authority. We are primarily on
a mission in Liberia to strengthen trade and economic development between these two port cities and to boost the business opportunities, increase investment and related benefits between Liberia and the USA. Thank you APM Terminals Liberia and the National Port Authority for the accommodation and the warm welcome to your
facilities and we hope that the bilateral conversations will yield the desired results that we seek to help make for a successful and robust relationship.”
Team Lead Mr. Val Thompson stated “Clearly due to COVID-19, trade between Monrovia and Houston faced challenges during 2020, however, the future is very bright. We expect that through a renewed MOU, we will increase the focus on how to fill containers from Monrovia to Houston using the AGOA legislation to help small to medium sized enterprises benefit.”
Responding on behalf of APM Terminals Liberia, the Managing Director, Mr. Jonathan Graham, thanked the delegation for the visit to Liberia and for the interest shown to see the Port of Monrovia and the APM Terminal facilities.
Mr. Graham emphasized that, “At APM Terminals Liberia, we are proud of our staff as they have grown their
skills and abilities along with the volume growth of the terminal”, emphasizing the importance of a skilled and committed workforce to ensure trade flows smoothly through the port. With the positive projections of the business opportunities from the United States to Monrovia, Jonathan disclosed that the entity is at a stage where they want to take the business to a greater level.
Mr. Graham further said that “We are firm on improving our Way of Working by developing more talents, more technical and problem-solving skills and once the port marine infrastructure allows, seeing bigger cranes on our quayside.” He informed the visiting delegation that APM Terminals’ strategic goal is to assist the business community to examine and explore trade opportunities on strategic routes, such as the Americas to Liberia. He
welcomed the visit to the Port and the Terminal and hoped that this visit provides the baseline for both further cooperation, strong relationship building and tangible business opportunities between Liberia and the USA.
Ranking officials at National Port Authority also expressed their gratitude for the delegation visit from both the Liberian Consulate in Georgia and the City of Houston. They assured all that Liberia welcomes all business investment opportunities that would enhance and boost the country’s economy, thus providing more jobs for
the working class.
APM Terminals manages a multi-purpose port in the Freeport of Monrovia, the gateway to the Liberian economy and remains committed to offering reliable customer service and support to Liberia’s economic development.

For further information, please contact:

Brenda S. Cooper
Administration & Communication Partner, APM Terminals Liberia

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