Where Are The Liberation Transportation Buses?


By Patrick Stephen Tokpah 

MONROVIA-Several citizens in Bong County have described the political leader of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) as an unserious opposition political figure in Liberia.

The citizens said, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell and his followers just came to blindly fool the Liberian people.

“You know when Dr. Cassell came into this country, he said he came to change the life of the Liberian people, which he brought few buses for transportation, but where are those liberation buses now,” one of the citizens asked.

The aggrieved citizens many of whom were passengers said, the opposition political leader of the PLP lied to the Liberian people of liberation.

Dr. Cassell, who was arrested on March 17, 2022, by the Clayton County Sheriff’s and extradited from Georgia to New Jersey where he allegedly committed the crime(s) for which he was arrested, has been accused of lying to liberation.

The citizens made the statement in an interview with journalists at the Compound of the Federation of Road Transportation Union of Liberia, Bong County Chapter.

It can be recalled that the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) commissioned about 10 buses to ease the difficulties citizens are faced with in commuting from one destination to another, with a call on opposition Liberian politicians to desist from just loudly castigating the government and find solutions to the aged-old mountainous problems confronting the country and its citizens.

The 72-seated buses were commissioned by the Vision Bearer of the PLP, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, at a brief ceremony held at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town, outside Monrovia on Wednesday, April 28.

Dr. Cassell is also the Chief Executive Officer/President of the Dr. Cassell Foundation and the Kwenyah Security Firm in the country.

Speaking during the ceremony, Dr. Cassell disclosed that the move was intended to help address the numerous challenges citizens faced regularly in moving from one place to another.

According to him, the transportation service launched by his party under the captioned “Liberation Transportation” Service is not intended for profiteering, but to also help provide job opportunities for citizens, particularly ordinary Liberians.

He pointed out that the initiative will ensure that citizens have access to affordable, cheap, and accessible transportation services throughout the length and breadth of Liberia.

“Today marks the commissioning of our ten 72-seated buses. God has directed the vision to us and he will make a way for it to be manifested. Everybody wants to talk about problems and the opposition is number one. But before they became opposition, they did the same thing. But if we (PLP) see problems-instead of talking, we will solve those problems”.

Dr. Cassell vowed that though his plentiful humanitarian gestures being shown to citizens have been misconstrued by his critics, he will not relent to provide basic necessities, and offering scholarships and empowerment opportunities to needy Liberian citizens.

“They try to discourage us but, they will keep talking and talking because we are not going to stop doing good for our people. Our people are dying, suffering and they are being taken advantage of”.

He disclosed that his return to the country is intended to help solve some of the problems confronting poor Liberians including the orphans, women, and the disenfranchised among others.

Dr. Cassell vowed that though his plentiful humanitarian gestures being shown to citizens have been misconstrued by his critics, he will not relent to provide basic necessities, and offer scholarships and empowerment opportunities to needy Liberian citizens.

Shunning electorates

Dr. Cassell observed that though some politicians are cognizant of the constraints those who elected them are faced with, they continue to give a blind eye and pay deaf ears to address these difficulties.

He noted that parents continue to be faced with the constraint of putting food on their tables before their respective children return home from school.

He added that gone are the days where citizens will continue to become slaves in their own country, while those who they elect continue to amass wealth to their detriment, noting that, “it is over and we are going to cross the Red sea”.


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