Removal of NEC’s Magistrates

By: Washington Tumany Watson 

MONROVIA-Montserrado County District #8 Representative Acarous Moses Gray has alleged that most of the opposition lawmakers at the Liberian Senate supported the removal of the National Elections Commission (NEC) Magistrates across the country.

Rep. Gray who is a Coalition for Democratic Change Lawmaker said opposition lawmakers voted to ensure that the NEC Magistrates are remove to certify their reelections ambition.

Speaking on the state Radio ELBC Friday, the open-minded lawmakers disclosed that it was the opposition lawmakers who suggested   the amendment   of the elections law to remove all of the present NEC Magistrates.

“The opposition lawmakers presented the amendment that the magistrates should be dismissed after 90 days, it is dangerously unfortunate, because the fact of the matters is, that, if your political leaders are not in the know, it means you do not consult your leaders or your leaders are playing double games”, he noted.

The CDC-Lawmaker further said it was unfortunate that those of the opposition lawmakers passed the document and at the same time, their political leader is calling on the President to veto the document that they consented for its implantation.

According to him, it is vital for the opposition political leader to call to order, opposition lawmakers into a meeting as a means of having a serious conversation with them, emphasizing that it was a sensitive issue at the time.

“The opposition did that in the senate to protect themselves in an election’s year and they voted for that and then you called on the President, when you want good things to happen on your behalf, the man who you do not trust, you are asking him to veto a document, that is inherent contradiction”, Rep. Gray indicated.

The CDC-Lawmaker urged those within the opposition to do away with what he referred to as hypocrisy.


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