To become economically variable and self-sustainable comes with commitment, dedication and self-reliance.

In Liberian setting, most people are focus on the academic  work with the ambition of working in Government to get top positions  as a means of getting a salary  that  will commensurate  with  their daily lives.

There  are degree  holders  who  are unable  to carter  to  their  family economically,  only because  they  are  not opportune to have  a government or  international as well as national  organization jobs.

But with Mary Flomo, our personality of the week is about to turn the perception of more Liberians who believe that they can only be successful through the availability of obtaining   top Government and international organizations jobs.

Dressed in her green outfit, after serving her customers, she than focused directly to my black recorder and said:  “I’m ready. I really appreciate the New Republic Family for granting me the opportunity  to express my views relating  to my successes   and challenges  I have been facing with  in becoming successful as a cook food business woman.”

Mary Flomo the personality of the week is well known for cooking  enjoyable food within  the  Paynesville City Hall Community; because of such a way she prepares the food  for her customers,  they refer  to her as ‘ma – Mary’. It is just an affectionate title given her.

Dear readers,  you will continue  to  come across  the name Tumay  because  she knows me  well  and was always reflecting  on my name  as she addressed  the questions.

She first indicated: “Tumay, life can become hard the way you wish it to be; you see me, my parents did not send me to school soon, but I am living happily” Mary narrated.

“My parents were working on Mary Cooper Farm in Margibi County   and we all were there. I was big before I started to go to school; then I got pregnant for my first child that made me to drop from school” she lamented.

Mary did not hold back to  express   how  she underwent difficulties  to take care  of  her child; saying  that the  father  of  her first child  did not fully support   the pregnancy even up to her delivery.

“I suffered  to take care of my  daughter,  that  is how I got  in  this market  business.  I used  to take  market  from Mary Farm  to Kakata  market , we will walk  with our market on our heads.   That’s  how  I ended  up with  my school business.  I stopped in  the six grade,” she recalled.

Back  to her cook food  business  and  how  she  is making life  with  her children, Mary narrated,  that  she  is with her  spouse,  but  they are not legally married  but they are living happily with  their children.

Her husband is not doing a well-paid job to support the family and pay the house   rent so with her love for business , she keeps on doing  her cook food business as a means  of keeping  the family moving on  with life.

“I been in this cook food business for over ten years before this man and I came together. That this business I’m doing to send my children to school, I have six  children   that I am sending  to school from  this business,” she said.


“I and my partner, have  to get up by  4:oo am  to cook  the food every day only Saturday  and Sunday out’’.

She further indicated  that after selling “every day,  I have  to go  to  the market  to buy  and prepare   the materials  up  to 11:00 pm  and get up   by 4 :0 am; my husband  can help so much to get  the food on time  for  the customers,” she said.

Additionally, our personality of  the week contribution to the country employment rate, Mary Flomo narrated;  “I have one girl  who  is working  for me now , she can help me  to sell  and at  the end of  the month  I can pay her.”

She emphasized that it is not good as a woman to only depend on man for everything. “Do something that man will respect you, he will know your value in the home,  is not  everything you want  as a woman , you will look up  to  the man before  you get it  , that is not good as a woman. I am  telling you serious  thing “

“What makes woman  is what you can do , not loving around  that makes you woman”, she encouraged  those  younger girls  and woman  to always  do  those  things   that  will make  them independent  and assist  in  the home economically.

Madam Flomo noted that it is important for a female to acquire education but such education should be  backed  by business   to help, if she   is unable to get a well-paid job in time.

“Most  of  the time  I talk  to  the young  people  to take  their education serious   and learn  how  to do house work as a girl  including business,  if my parents  were not going  to teach me  how  to do business,  I was   going  to be suffering.  I am in  the position  to sponsor my children and  the other children  that are living  with me  in school through  this cook food business,” she said.

Moreover, Madam Flomo vowed not to allow her children, especially her two girls to focus only on education, saying that the oldest is out of high school.

“Today,  she  is out of high school and on her own  during  her business  and preparing  to go to a trade school  and at  the same she  is sending  her child  to school , so I am happy with my life. I am  not rich,   but I  am able  to do  things  for my children   to become better people  in  the society.

by Washington Tumay Watson –





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