Liberia To Host Confab -On Global Mayors Parliament

By: Mark B. Dumbar>

Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Tamba Koijee has disclosed that Liberia in the midst of other African and European Countries, has been selected to host the Global Parliament of Mayors Conference in 2023 from September to October.

Mayor Koijee made the statement during a press conference held at the Monrovia City Hall, following his visit from Washington D.C.

According to him Liberia has now joined the Global Parliament of Mayors and Liberia is now part of the executive members of the organization.

He mentioned that, the purpose for the Global Parliament Mayors Conference is to gather mayors from around the world to reach out to mayors that are part of the organization globally.

“We Africans Mayors suffered to attend international conferences because of Visa”, he noted.

The Monrovia City Mayor narrated that sometime, it is very difficult for some African Nations to attend such an important occasion that could benefit their respective countries.

He noted, “Like the just-ended World Urban Forum that was hosted in Eastern Europe, Poland.”

According to him, the Global Parliament of Mayors is like the general assembly of the United Nation emphasizing that it is an international body that represents mayors from around the world.

He furthered that Monrovia has been selected and voted for in a competition of other countries like Eastern Europe, London and Germany.

“After the brilliant presentation, Monrovia was selected as the African Country to host the 2023 Global Parliament of Mayors, it is a great opportunity for Monrovia to bring together thousands of Mayors from around the world to host this significant occasion” he noted.

According to him, other African Countries like Ghana and South African gave their support to Liberia knowing that Monrovia was the first city on the continent of Africa.

“We also want to extent our thanks and appreciation to Egypt our African brothers and sisters for their support”, he noted.

He further narrated that the hosting of such a historical conference in Monrovia will demonstrate to the globe   that Liberians are hospitable people.

“We have already set up a committee both lower and internationally”, he noted.

Mayor Koijee further disclosed that he has officially written the office of President George M. Weah to serve as guest speaker for next year Global Parliament Mayors’ Conference.

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