Liberia News: LWSC Warns Debtors

Monrovia-February-26-TNR:The Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC) is facing a significant financial challenge as customers owe the entity a total of US$7,393,297.48.

This substantial amount could be utilized to address the nearly US$2 million owed to employees. In response to this dire situation, Mr. Mohammed Ali, the LWSC Managing Director Designate, has issued a stern warning to all debtors, urging them to promptly settle their outstanding balances.

The mounting debts owed to LWSC have raised concerns about the corporation’s ability to meet its financial obligations, particularly in terms of compensating its hardworking employees. Despite providing essential services to the community, LWSC is struggling due to the non-payment of bills by its customers. Mr. Ali emphasized the importance of honoring financial commitments and highlighted the potential consequences for those who fail to comply.

In a public statement, Mr. Ali stated, “All those owing LWSC, please start paying your debts now. We will not hesitate to publish your names and take you to court. You complain about the entity but don’t want to pay your bills.” The urgency of the situation underscores the critical need for prompt action to address the outstanding debts and ensure the sustainability of LWSC’s operations.

As LWSC grapples with financial challenges exacerbated by unpaid bills, the call for debtors to fulfill their obligations serves as a crucial reminder of the interconnectedness between customer payments and employee welfare. The resolution of these outstanding debts is essential for maintaining the stability and effectiveness of LWSC’s services while upholding its commitment to both customers and employees.

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