…At MCC’s 20th Anniversary

Monrovia-May-15-2024-TNR:Liberia’s President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has congratulated the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) at its 20th anniversary celebration held at the George W. Bush Center in Dallas, Texas.

As part of his remarks during the breakfast meeting held recently, the Liberian leader underscored the impact the MCC Compact has had on developing countries, including Liberia over the past two decades.

He spoke about the tremendous benefits that the Compact has brought to key sectors such as electricity, healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

President Boakai noted that the program’s impact on Liberians has been important, bringing access to basic services that were previously unavailable.

The program’s impact, President Boakai noted, empowered the poor and promoted shared values through a focus on improving land rights and access, increasing girls’ primary education enrollment and retention, and improving Liberia’s trade policy and practices.

The Liberian Chief Executive furthered that the MCC has been instrumental in empowering women and girls, increasing their access to education and healthcare, and providing them with opportunities for economic advancement.

He however, noted challenges of implementation of but promised to work acidulously to ensure Liberia’s readiness to improve it scores.

The Liberian leader emphasized the importance of local ownership and building systems to improve critical sectors for sustainable development.

He encouraged donors and investors to see Liberia as a country that is moving towards long-term initiatives that will support the economy.

President Boakai welcomed initiatives and investments that would seek to build on local knowledge and expertise, but more importantly, for long-term mutual benefit.

The Liberian Chief Executive’s remarks highlighted Liberia’s unwavering commitment to promoting sustainable development and inclusive growth. The President’s statement underscored the importance of continued investment in Liberia and other developing countries, as well as the need for long-term strategic planning to achieve the government’s agenda.

The President called on and encouraged stakeholders to continue investing in Liberia’s future as his administration is committed to doing everything to improve the business climate in Liberia.

The breakfast meeting was attended by Presidents and officials of Malawi, Cape Verde, Kosovo, Liberia, Botswana, Lesotho, Sierra Leone as well as high-level business leaders, investors, donors, MCC Board Members, and US-Government officials.

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