EDITORIAL Like Obasanjo, Like Weah?

History is gradually reminding us while equally walking with us on memory lane as the sanction row moves from one stage to another and tactically being attended by amazing developments that would worth a gamble too slippery to openly entertain without second thought.

While most people see the wave of movement from many Liberians, calling on President George M. Weah to turn the sanctioned three officials who had finally resigned over to the Justice Ministry for  investigation and if found culpable,  be persecuted and  unjustified properties confiscated; it would be no different from forcing a bitter pill down the throat of President Weah.

In the same vein, pundits are vividly reminded, and pray that the current people’s outcry for the seizure of properties from the three former officials should take center-stage in full, and with uncompromised demand, wherein, it could also attract the US Government’s attention thereby including it, as serious component to enforce the imposed sanction already in full swing.

According to pundits, the manner, form and style in which things are obtaining bears the character of a creeping boogie-trap whose demand could turn political in substance to some extent; a political demand that may not be pleasurable to the President who is already doing away with three of his key functionaries- Nathanial Farlo McGill, Bill Tweahway and Sayma Serenius Cephus.

Like former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo who was caught up in the turn Charles Ghankay Taylor over crunch; if you (Obasanjo) want to come to Washington and talk cardinal business with the US leadership; and pathetically, Taylor was already in exile in Nigeria based on an agreed and approved arrangement by some African heads of state.

The proposition given the Obasanjo trickily comes in the wake when he wanted to extend his rein to the third term which was in clear violation of the country’s constitution which only provides two terms for an elected incumbent, but needed the backing of US to pursue his political quest.

In the final analysis, the US, under the Republican leadership of George W. Bush got its way; Taylor was turned over, Obasanjo was then allowed to enter the United States, although he was not rendered the support to abrogate his country’s constitution to have a third term.

For Liberia, we are heading for elections in 2023 with  the incumbent working very assiduously for his sound term who knows what could  prop next in the running process regarding additional requests to incorporate in the ongoing sanction saga and who knows if the people’s outcry for unproven properties and earned wealth be confiscated as part of the sanction? Could it turn out as like Obasanjo, Like Weah?

The Law Students Association (LAWSA) at the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law, University of Liberia, has launched a project to remodel the Law School palaver-hut into a multipurpose facility.

In a special statement, Vice President Jewel Howard – Taylor thanked LAWSA leadership for the project, describing it as a worthy project.

“And I think the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law would become better as a result of this,” Madam Howard –Taylor recommend that the top of the building be cast so that later on much more could be done there.

Taylor indicated that the moot court is an enlightening experience, and she thinks all students who are attempting to be lawyers should have a chance to practice at the moot court on a regular basis.

“Such an experience would make the students get an idea of what it is and get rid of the fear by the time they get to the actual courtroom.”

Vice President Howard-Taylor is expected to join the faculty after the university to teach a course alongsideJallah Barbu, Dean of the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law.

Dr. Moses Zinnah, UL Vice President for Academic Affairs, representing President Julius J.S. Nelson, Jr., applauded the Law School and the students, noting that the Law School is always one of the pace setters at the University of Liberia.

Even in the midst of challenges, he said, the Law School has always found means to make sure that learning goes on for students and faculty.

Dr. Zinnah also announced to the gathering that the University Administration is working with the Dean of the Law School, Dr. Barbu, to ensure that within the next two years it can begin offering an advanced degree which could be a Juris Doctor (JD) or Master of Laws (LLM).

“We have a lot of good lawyers that have graduated from here. I know at the end they don’t want to just be LLB, they want to pursue something else. So we are working with you,” said Prof. Zinnah.

The Dean of the Law School, Prof. Dr. Jallah Barbu said the Law School will grow in structure, in academia and in self-respect.

“I assure you that as I welcome you here today; this palava hut, when you come here two months from now, I will welcome you in a multipurpose building,” said Cllr. Barbu.

Barbu said he is glad that the Administration and Faculty of the Law School are together impacting knowledge into people they believe will take this country to the next step.

Student Williamina G.E. Buddy, president of LAWSA, thanked the Administration of the University of Liberia, the Leadership, Faculty and Staff of the Law School and all those who gave support to the project.

“You can rest assured that what you have given today will not go in vain,” she said. Madam Buddy added that a building will be erected and contributors to the project will be called to witness the dedication of the facility.

LAWSA Acting Project Director student Vivian D. Dogbey disclosed that the over US$80,000 project which started from the past leadership is intended to provide a space for students and faculty members.

She said the plan is to have the multipurpose facility more spacious, and modernized.

According to her, the intent is to have a moot court there for students to have an opportunity to practice as if they were in a courtroom.

Student Dogbey explained that when the project is completed, they will have a space that will take about a hundred persons, and they will also use it for the orientation of new Law School students.

Additionally, she said they intend to include in the remodeled palava hut project bathrooms, a canteen and a mini kitchen which will be outsourced, and some comfortable chairs where students can sit while awaiting their class time, among others.



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