By: Washington Tumay Watson –

 The Political Leader of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction (MDR) Senator Prince Johnson has  said  that he  only supports President George Weah and not the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).  This will be applied  in  the 2023 general and  presidential elections.

The Coalition for Democratic Change is comprised of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), the National Patriotic Party (NPP) and the Liberian People Democratic Party (LPDP).

During  the 2017 presidential  runoff election , senator Prince Jonson and  the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction  supported   the CDC,  especially  in Nimba county   the strong hold of the MRD that brought  the  CDC  to power .

During President George Weah’s visit to Nimba County, Senator Johnson reaffirmed his support   to the reelection of President George Weah in the 2023 presidential election.

Speaking recently on ‘Freedom Talk’,  the Nimba County Senator  disclosed  that one of the Parties  within the CDC  is suppurating a candidate agonist  his party’s Candidate, of which  the CDC  has committed  to Supporting    his party- the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction candidate in  the by- election for  Nimba County District # One Representative  Seat.

“I told them that we are going to defect them to prepare the county for president Weah’s victory come 2023 election” senator Johnson indicated.

Prince Johnson who is seeking for reelection in the Liberian Senate from the people of Nimba County in the 2023 general and presidential elections, described President George Weah as a good man.

“President Weah is a good man, and I will support him to victory not the CDC, after his second turn, we will decide the next president,” Senator Johnson emphasized.

He added  that there will be no turning back in his support for president George Weah. To this, he  said  the people of Nimba  will demonstrate  to the opposition  that Nimba county, come 2023 presidential election  is  for President George Weah.

“The votes  that president Weah will get from Nimba  will show  those opposition  that Nimba County  is  for George Weah,  he is our son and we will support  him,” senator Johnson said.

Senator Johnson  further disclosed  that  the defeat  of  the CDC  in  the recent  December 8, special senatorial elections  was not based on the unpopularity   of the CDC  and  its collaborators,  but was due  to  the leadership of the CDC  that allowed  those senators  who did not do well for  their people  to run on the CDC’s  tickets .

Senator Johnson further disclosed   that he informed the CDC leadership to look within the party and come out with a formidable candidate to go against Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon and not Representative Thomas Fallah in the December 8 special senatorial election.

“Let me tell you the truth; I did not support the CDC’s  candidate in Montserrado County because     you have Senator Saah Joseph, Kissi, You have Saah Foko, Kissi, Thomas Falleh, Kissi.  So I did not want  to make Montserrado a political Kissi camp; so  I told my people of Nimba  to vote for Dillon,” senator Johnson said.

The Nimba County senator told the public that his reward for supporting the Montserrado County senator, Darius Dillon against the CDC during the December 8, senatorial election was for Senator Dillon to call him, Senator Johnson, a killer.

The Nimba County strongman described Senator Dillon as  ungrateful, indicating that Senator Dillon is now enjoying nine years without doing anything for his people, but lying to them.

“After I supported Dillon,  the only thing  he has  to tell me in the senate  is that I am a killer and after Musa Billity  Gave  him 20  thousands    united states Dollars, he said Bility was a BM.   I said you see him,  he  is ungrateful,” senator Johnson said.

Senator Johnson also described himself  as a man of integrity, stressing  that he protected  the country’s  money at  the National Bank of Liberia  and turned it over  to  the government  of Liberia;  a money  that could make him rich  without anybody accusing him.

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