ZAO Citizens want police Intervention

ZAO-Nimba County-Citizens of Zao, Nimba County  are calling on the police and state authorities to investigate and take prompt action  statement of threat issued against the Chief Justice of Liberia.

“We, the people of  Zao Township in Nimba County are asking authorities of the Liberia National Police and the entire state security apparatus to take seriously the recent death threats issued against one of our kinsmen, Chief Justice Francis Saye-Korkpor, Sr, by one Mike Jabateh who claimed he was acting on behalf of his ethnic Mandingo people of Ganta,” the statement issued over the weekend by the citizens of the area said.

The statement said, It can be recalled that Jabateh, in his live Facebook comments during the Ganta land dispute riot,   issued death threats against the Chief Justice, accusing him of being behind land disputes in Ganta.

The citizens have condemned the threat issued by Jabateh. “We condemn in the strongest terms such a diabolical and uncivilized attack on the life of a personality who has laboured so tremendously to uphold  the rule of law  in a post-conflict situation.”

The Zao Development Association, acting on behalf of the citizens of the Zao Township, is dismayed  that days after the threats were issued against the head of such a strategic branch of government, there have been no public updates as to what security authorities have done so far.

The statement said, “We  believe allowing reckless statements such as the one coming from Mike Jabateh to go unquestioned and without the appropriate actions taken  would only present Liberia as a free-for-all place where rule of law is not respected and where people are law unto themselves.

“We further want to remind the police and state security authorities to understand the sensitivity of the role of the Chief Justice in ensuring national peace; and therefore threats against his life should be of national, paramount concern.

“We, the citizens of Zao, also wonder why the tribal community Jabateh openly said he was defending in his verbal assaults has up to this  date failed to condemn or dissociate itself from his reckless statement.

“We urge the entire joint security operation of Liberia to take seize of the matter and ensure the one issuing the threats is made to account for his action and the appropriate measures instituted to deter individuals from engaging in such malicious habits.”

The press statement further added: “We  conclude this  statement by reminding Jabateh and those who may be in support of his unfounded statements and threats that while the people of Zao stand for peace, their tolerance should never be misconstrued as being unable to hit back —- and very hard —  at any unscrupulous and misguided elements who have no regard for rule of law.”


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