YWARPD Launches New Project

A new project for First Time Voters is set to be formally launched in Monrovia this Thursday, August 17, 2023 by the Young Women Actions for Rights, Peace and Development (YWARPD).

The launch, which is in keeping with YWARPD’s Mission Statement, will take place at the YMCA Building in Monrovia, says a press release from the organization.

The project, which is titled, “Mobilizing First Time Voters to Support Democracy Values, Electoral Processes and Enhance Sustainable Democracy in Liberia, aims to amplify the voices and roles of first-time voters and ensure their meaningful participation in democratic initiatives in Liberia.

The project is being funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and encompasses a number of activities, including a First Time Voter Town Hall Meeting with Representative aspirants in selected districts, a first-time voter Democracy Summit, a First Time Voter Civil Education Campaign and the establishment of Democracy Clubs in selected schools.  First Time voters play a critical role in democracy as they can act as catalysts for social change and good governance simply by participating in democratic and election processes.  Their enthusiasm, resilience, and creativity need to be harnessed, paired with the right platforms and opportunities for engagement, to help catalyze important changes in Liberia’s political system.

According to Ms. Richelle Allison, Executive Director of YWARPD, the launch ceremony will also coincide with the formal launch of YWARPD and the opening ceremony of a three-day First Time

Voters Democracy Summit under the theme: “Standing up For Sustainable Democracy by Catching Them Young.” The summit will bring together three first time voters from each electoral district in Montserrado County. This discussion will focus on engaging young people in elections and democracy.  It will also allow first time voters to discuss their hopes for the future and the policies they believe could increase young people’s participation in democracy, in their communities and Liberia.

They will capture the main issues affecting young people and what they will want their representatives to do in a First Time Voters Democracy and Election Manifesto that will be taken to political parties and candidates.

The Keynote Address will be delivered by Ms. Fatima Aliyu Gabi, Policy and Inclusion Analyst, UN Women.  The launching ceremony of the organization will be performed by Mr. Christian Allison II, President, Liberia Bank for Development and Investment, and Attorney Patmillia Doe-Paivey, while Dr. Kimmie Weeks, Executive Director of Youth Action International and Hon Rebecca Kamara of the Sierra Leonean Parliament will formally launch the project.


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