Youth Advocate Urges President Weah to Take COVID 19 Vaccine

BY: W. Tumay Watson

MONROVIA-The President of the Youth of Churches United for Christ, Pastor George Flomo has urged President George Weah to take the lead in taking the COVID-19 vaccine publicly.

Pastor Flomo  said  it will be prudent  for  the president to take  the   courage   and take  the COVID-19 Vaccine publicly  as a means of motivating more Liberians  to take   the vaccine seriously .

Speaking over the weekend in an interview  with this reporter,  the Liberian youth advocate  said  it is unfortunate  that president Weah will not take  the vaccine as  a leader of the land, but  is encouraging  the citizens  to take it when he should be the one setting the example for others to follow.

According  to  him,  the refusal  by President Weah  to take  the COVID-19 Vaccine has created more doubts  especially  for  the ordinary Liberians  who are move  by  the action of  their leaders particularly  the youthful populists.

He described president Weah’s action for not taking the COVID-19 Vaccine as disservice to the people of Liberia who are depending on him for direction in term of leadership

Pastor Flomo  said  the wave of the COVID-19  that is taking away  the lives  of many Liberians, is yet  to be accepted  by some Liberians only because  of the way  the Government is proceeding  with  its  information dissemination .

He used  the interview  to urged President Weah and all of his officials  to take  the lead by taking  their vaccine  as a means  of building trust  into  the health  system and the ongoing process.

The youthful advocate  said many of  those  who are within the various communities are somehow  confused  because of misinformation regarding  the COVID-19 Vaccine that  it is responsible  for  the increase in  the number of cases and deaths, something  he said has created more disbelieves in the minds of Liberians.

He challenged the Ministry of Health to be vehement in providing the rightful information to the public and announcing those public officials who have been vaccinated.


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