YOUNETPO, Partners Break Ground For Construction of Modern Toilet

MONROVIA-Jerusalem Brighter Learning Primary School was a scene of jubilation when ground was broken for the construction of a modern toilet for school going kids at the institution.

The ground was broken by a youth group, Youth Network for Positive Change (YOUNETPO) in collaboration with her international partner, Pan African Think Tank, a US based group.

In an interview at the Jerusalem Brighter Learning Primary School situated in Keyhole- a community on the Old Road, Amb. Leo E. Tiah, YOUNETPO ‘s Executive Director said he and his partner (Pan African Think Tank) saw the need to alleviate the kids of the institution from open defecation or the use of pit latrines during school hours.

According to him, having an institution without those proper hygienic facilities puts school going kids at risk of infection and other sicknesses that break out when the environment is not properly taken care of.

The youth leader said, “We have committed ourselves to doing this.”

He indicated that the project is being founded with the amount of US552.00.

Additionally, he said the funding for the project is being made available with the help of the two institutions (YOUNETPO and Pan African Think Tank).

According to him, he sees prospects in the agreement his institution and the Pan African Think Tank entered evidence by the hosting of Spelling B competition and the just ended groundbreaking ceremony.

According to him, the project is one of many projects that YOUNETPO and Pan African Think Tank have agreed achieve in their partnership.

Speaking earlier was Alexander N. Dupou, Deputy Minister of Education Republic of Liberia who is chairing the Board of Member at that youth organization-YOUNETPO encouraged school administrators to at all-time make sure and put into place the right hygienic practices at their various institutions of learning.

Amb. Leo E. Tiah – Executive Director and team,  the Project Contractor, the School Principal, Teachers, Students, members of the press and community dwellers.

According to him, it important that schools maintain a conducive learning environment especially good health practices and having good facilities.

The Liberian Deputy Minister of Education furthered that,” The Ministry is doing its best to have a safe learning environment for all schools, especially public schools.”

Additionally, he indicated that with the presence of COVID19 which has altered the normal was of life, it is important that school authorities put in necessary safety measures and always maintain them so at to keep the kids. The board chairperson of YOUNETPO during the event praised the youth group for looking in the direction of helping to improving the lives of those who are in need.

There are many institutions in Liberia that are still using open pits for defecation while some do not, but the step taken by the youth group according to the Deputy Minister of Education, it needs to be copied by others.

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