You Will Benefit From Your Vote

By: R. Joyclyn Wea

Liberia’s President-elect, Amb. Joseph Nyumah Boakai has promised a new Liberia under his leadership where the voters will enjoy their votes this time around in the country.

Boakai was elected President of the country after the Liberian people chose him in the second round of voting on November 14, 2023, over football icon George Weah, who was defeated before the National Elections Commission announced the final results. The former Vice President defeated President Weah by a one-percentage-point margin, making him the country’s face.

Section 2.9 of the Election Law requires the National Elections Commission to certify election winners, however, Boakai had traveled days after the official announcement by the National Elections Commission (NEC), so he was not present during the official certification ceremony held at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town.

After informing the commission of his absence, a new date of December 27, 2023, was scheduled for his certification. At the ceremony held on Wednesday, Boakai told Liberians who overwhelmingly voted for him that their votes would be rewarded, and he urged all Liberians to assist him in rebuilding the country.

He stated that in the next weeks, he and his Vice President-elect will begin developing a blueprint for the country’s development and success. “Our service lives must reflect paying tribute to many heroes and heroines on whose shoulders we stand today. We must nationally celebrate this moment of our history and our strength for democratic consolidation,” Amb. Boakai said.

He furthered, “Liberia has had its share of difficulties and the seed of democratic and severity regionally and globally we have demonstrated to the world that we can be different, we can offer a modern and good example, we can boast of peaceful elections responsively to ensure a smooth and peaceful transition.”

The former Vice President now President-elect, “What the country celebrates today is an outcome of military coups, betrayals, and the reward of collective endurance.” He further expressed appreciation to President George Weah for conceding defeat long before the final pronouncement by the National Elections Commission of final results.      

Representing international partners, Christian Umotoni, UN Resident Coordinator said Liberia has made a milestone in upholding the peace and showing the world that it is truly on the path of democracy, this is the beginning of a beautiful story and we as partner stand ready to support you on this journey.  

“This is not only a victory for Liberia, this is not only a victory for the region; this is not only for Africa but the entire world,” Umotoni added. He further noted, “Everybody’s eyes were on Liberia especially a region that is so troubled and a world that is so troubled, thank you so much for proving to the world that you can do this.”

Umotoni noted that the elections signified that the Farmington River Declaration was not just a piece of paper  noting, “Thank you for showing that  the youth can commit to peace  in elections, that the women can participate in elections, thank you for showing that the entire country can commit to peace.”

Presenting the certificate to the President-elect and Vice President-elect, NEC Chairperson lauded the Liberian people for choosing democracy over instability.  

Davidetta brown-Lansanah lauded the international partner for their moral and human support of the electoral process as well as the Government of Liberia for its overwhelming support to the electoral processes of the country.

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