“You Are To Bring Healing And Comfort To The Suffering World”


On Sunday, November 29, 2020, the Headquarters of Salvation Army Liberia and Sierra Leone Command located on 17th Street, Sinkor was a colorful scene, when the Officer Commanding of the Salvation Army Lieutenant Colonel Samuel Mkami ordained several Officers [Pastors] from the officer Training College (OTC).

“You are now commissioned, let me  remind you that we live in a desperate world due to the COVID-19, which paralyzed and have brought sufferings to the world hence there is a need for the messengers of the kingdom to bring healing  and comfort to the suffering  world and its people,” Lt. Col Samuel Mkami noted.

According to the officer commanding, he believes that the messengers of the Kingdom session are in the position of assuring the people of the desperate world; the power of God who rules forever.

The Salvation Army Head of Mission challenged the newly commissioned Pastors of the Salvation Army Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea command that despite all the challenges currently confronting the entire world God will never leave his people alone.

He also stressed that “the Messengers of the kingdom session” were called, prepared and sent to witness, preach and teach about the kingdom of God, adding that Jesus Christ  said in (Matthew 24:14) and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as testimony to all nations and the end will come.

The Salvation Army head of Mission further noted that the gospel of Jesus Christ can only go forward when those carrying it live in total unity with those that they are carrying the gospel to all parts of the world.

In his concluding statement, Lt. Col. Samuel Mkami cautioned the newly commissioned and ordained Officers [pastors] to make prayers their stepping stone if they are to reach to those who are ready to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Speaking earlier, the training principal of the Officer Training College of the Salvation Army Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Command, Captain Edwin Snogba praised God for making the commissioning and Ordination a successful one in year 2020.

Presenting the newly trained Officers to the Officer Commanding, Captain Snogba disclosed that members of the Messengers of the Kingdom stayed a longer time in the college than any other classes that have graduated due to the pandemic that engulfed the entire world. He also reported that during the training the Salvation Army lost two of the cadets, which brought sorrow to his heart and also pray for their souls to rest in peace until they can meet again.

The officer training college of the Salvation Army Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Command ordained twelve new Officers with the rank of Lieuts [Pastors], they are as follow: Lts. Armstrong & Oretha J. Barclay, Lt. Mark S. Williams, Lts Abraham & Cecelia Yemaninaty, Lts. James &Amelia Vorpkor, Lt. Gideon Nyandebo, Lts. Andrew & Fatmata P. Nyandebo and Lts.Jeremiah & Kumba Saah.

The program brought together officers [pastors] of the Salvation Army from the fifteen sub-political divisions of Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, parents of the graduates and many well-wishers. Contributed by Samuel B. Diggs

 Freelance Reporter

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