Yekeh thrown out of parliament

By Mark N. Mengonfia

MONROVIA-Drama unfolded again in the Chambers of the House of Representatives when one of them, (lawmakers) was thrown out of regular session due to  improper dressing .

Sergeant-At-Arms, General Martin Johnson was ordered by House Speaker, Bhofal Chambers to have Montserrado County district  number  ten lawmaker, Yekeh Kolubah escorted out of session because of his dress code.

The decision to have Representative Kolubah thrown out of session on Tuesday was reached following an observation by Montserrado County electoral district five Representatives, Thomas Fallah.

In his observation to the Speaker, the CDC representative said that the House of Representatives is not a place for a lawmaker to dress anyhow he or she feels. Representative Fallah went on to state that his colleague, Representative Kolubah was not properly dress, saying his indecent dressing breaks the rules of the House of Representatives.

After few minutes, he returned in a coat.

On returning to session, Representative Kolubah did not show any sign of being embarrassed for being sent out by his colleagues of equal rank, but was heard speaking saying,” Mr. Speaker, I am properly dressed now.”

Hon. Kolubah is a strong critic of president George Weah and in most instances,  insults him.

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