Yekeh Opens Up On Opposition


 By: Washington Tumay  

The fearless Representative of Montserrado County District# 10, Yekeh Kolubah has opened up on the opposition Unity Party  campaign leaders team of abusing  his efforts in making  former Vice President Joseph Boakai of becoming President.

Representative Kolubah addressing a news conference yesterday said those  at the  forefront of  the opposition Unity Party  are not appreciating  his efforts and role  in championing the quest  of  the  achievable  opposition victory against  President George Weah  of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change  in the runoff presidential poll.

The courageous opposition lawmaker indicated that, “I cannot be part of a process that I cannot be respected. 

Speaking further, Representative Kolubah said  at no time has he compromise  the interest  of the Liberian people’s  quest to unseat President Weah democratically describing  the media report  that  he has endorsed President Weah as untrue.

“I have been criticizing President Weah for the past five years, if I support President Weah, what am I going to tell the Liberian people about President Weah? He indicated.

Representative Kolubah pointed key component of his frustration on the Vice running mate  to former Vice President Joseph Boakai, Jeremiah Koung who according  to him, was asked by Mr. Stanton Witherspoon of Spoon Network  to called him (Yekeh Kolubah) something he described as abuse of his contribution  to  the Unity Party officials  who do not respect him.

“Who is Witherspoon to tell you to call me before you can call me,  if I put on a cap of President Weah,  you can reach  to me but witherspoon to tell you  to call, even Ambassador Boakai  has never visited my house to sympathy with me” he said.

The strong supporter of former Vice President Boakia,Representative Kolubah vowed not to answer call from any of the officials of Unity Party or from theopposition.

Representative Kolubah called on all of the opposition lawmakers who are on various committees to resign from those committees both at the Senate and theHouse of Representative.

All of those lawmakers who are on committees are criminals, they are eating the Liberian people money,” he alleged.

“I’m traveling on Wednesday and return on November 14, 2023 to vote for the opposition, I’m leaving all my phones here and no one should call me because I will answer,” he added.  

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